Posted by: Kate | February 28, 2009

And Now We Wait

I went to my job interview, and I think it went well. I had answers for all of their questions, and I felt like they were reasonable and thoughtful answers; I didn’t feel canned or overly predictable.

So, we’ll see.

The order of the interview was odd to me. First I met – very briefly – with the woman with whom I have been exchanging emails and phone calls for two months. She walked me to a conference room, shook my hand, and left. I spent the next hour talking to two women; I think one was from HR and the other was a clinical supervisor, but they didn’t introduce themselves beyond first name, so I can’t be sure. They had a structured, pre-scripted interview form and took notes as I answered… sadly, I couldn’t read over their shoulders.

From there, I was led into a different conference room, in which I sat alone for about ten minutes. Finally, a young woman – certainly not yet 30 – came in and asked, “Are you waiting for someone?” I told her I thought so, and she said, “OK, that’s me.”

Everyone I saw today was casually dressed: one woman in khakis, three more in jeans. I don’t know if that’s the company’s culture in general, or because it’s Friday. But this woman had the rest beat. She was wearing sweatpants – not even stretchy pants or yoga pants, but baggy blue sweatpants like the pair I stole from my father when I was in high school. And a hooded sweatshirt, with “NEW YORK GIANTS” embroidered on the front.

I was definitely the most formally dressed, and I was just in black slacks and a red-violet button-down shirt.

The sweatshirt girl currently holds the job I want, but in a different geographical area. She had a different list of pre-scripted questions, and I had to do a brief writing sample as well. Another woman joined her, a program coordinator, but I’m not really sure why.

And then, when it was all done, I just left. I didn’t see anyone from HR, or the email woman, again, and so any hope I had that I might get an immediate answer was dashed.

Thanks, very much, for the well-wishes and hope. I’m not especially nervous right now. I know I did well; I come across as confident, and I had good answers to their questions. I was true to myself, if a bit wordier than usual (no, really; in real life I don’t talk nearly as much as I do here), and so if I don’t get the job, it means they don’t think I’m right for the company. As disappointing as that would be, I’d rather know it up front than to wait and have another unpleasant experience in a job.

So, we wait. Patiently. Or with something vaguely resembling patience.


  1. Oh Kate, I feel your pain! Hopefully your wait will not be of the sort The Great State of Texas has heaped upon me in recent months, and you will receive your answer very soon.

    *sending good juju your way*

  2. The girls will get together and see if you fit into the clique. At least you know they’re not fashionistas!

    Hope it works out like you want!

  3. Getting little cramps in my fingers from crossing em for you… and clicking obsessively for any news.

  4. Fingers crossed here too!!

  5. The right thing will happen.

    Crossed all over the place here!

  6. Best of luck . . . p.s., in an interview, I will always ask who the interviewers are and what is their role in the company. At the end, I always ask what are the next steps and when can I expect to hear back. Mostly because I can’t stand not knowing!

  7. Sounds like it went really good! Sweatpants notwithstanding (are we doing that now?)

    I’m crossing my ankles in a ladylike fashion.

  8. Sounds interesting. I will keep my fingers crossed.

  9. Maybe the casual nature of the workforce is because it’s home based . . be nice to work in your tracky daks. Give it until after the weekend and call . . .lots of positive karma coming your way!

  10. Wow, I’ve never heard of anyone being interviewed in sweatpants. Do you have a wardrobe to match the job?

  11. School vacation week took over and I got behind on my reading.

    SO cool that they called you back after all this time. Hoping you’ve already heard something. Sending good thoughts your way…hope they make it through all this snow we’re getting;)

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