100 Things

100 Things To Do Before I Die

Stuff that’s red, I’ve completed. If I’m really on the ball, I’ll remember to blog and link to it, too.

Stuff that’s blue, I’ve started. And stuff that’s blue with a line through it, I’ve completed but plan to repeat on some regular basis.

Wish me luck!


  • Have a third baby …and maybe a fourth
  • Make an ethnographic family tree of immediate relatives, with photos
  • Visit friends in Nova Scotia and Australia
  • Be in a wedding party
  • Care for a foster child
  • Complete a birthday calendar and send a card or gift to everyone on it
  • Do one mother-daughter and one mother-son event per year (2008: Emily -manicure/pedicure and lunch out; Jacob – trip to Boston. 2009: Emily: lunch and pedicure, Jacob – Museum of Science. 2010: Emily, Rhinebeck, Jacob – sleepover.)
  • Get a reliable babysitter – or several
  • Be the elderly couple holding hands in the mall


  • Lose 20 pounds before next pregnancy
  • Read books on spirituality so as to define my own beliefs
  • Get adequate pain management for migraines and back pain [March 2008 for migraines, July 2009 for back pain]
  • Join a gym (whole family)
  • Get less-rare massages (2 per year) [2008: March… on the beach in Montego Bay, at new massage place in Dover November 2008. 2009: arranged for monthly massage after first trimester. 2010: health prevented this through most of the year, but maybe in 2011…]
  • Find those shoes – the black ones with the strap and heel August 2009
  • Buy a fallback dress for special occasions
  • Have professional, artistic pregnancy photos taken


  • Get Mental Health Counselor license
  • Research careers in sociology, criminal justice – consider PhD
  • Open a B&B
  • Research yarn shop operation
  • Knit items to donate (12 per year) [2007: 7/6, 2008: 12/12]
  • Retrain and volunteer at rape crisis center 2009
  • Take a cooking class
  • Organize a fundraising/awareness event for muscular dystrophy
  • Volunteer at a soup kitchen with kids


  • Display knitted items in craft/county fair
  • Design and publish a knitting pattern
  • Knit a sweater that I would wear any day 2008: Elijah
  • Knit a pattern from each book I own
  • Make a blanket for each child, to be completed by age 18 (one block per year)
  • Start travel scrapbooks for each child
  • Catch up on general family scrapbooks
  • Digitize photos (up to 2006)
  • Write a book
  • Design a way to display sand from each beach I’ve visited
  • Take more videos (at least 1 per month)
  • Update kids’ journals (3-4 times per year)
  • Mosaic 2008: shell table
  • Stained glass
  • Make a working lamp
  • Take a photography class
  • Make-my-own beach glass


  • See the sunrise over the Atlantic [Jamaica, March 2008]
  • See the sunset over the Pacific
  • Visit each state [25/50] (airports don’t count!)
  • Visit 6 continents [2/6] (sorry, Antarctica)
  • Go on a cruise
  • Take a long-distance train ride
  • Visit each Canadian province and territory [5/13]
  • Sleep in a castle
  • See the aurora borealis
  • Spend St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland


  • Karaoke in public
  • See a live-audience taped show (Letterman, Jon Stewart, etc.) [The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, 9/24/2009]
  • Go on an untethered hot air balloon ride
  • Snorkel [Jamaica, March 2008 – blech!]
  • Go white-water rafting
  • Take Irish/Scottish step-dancing class
  • Attend Renaissance Faire
  • Swim with a dolphin [Jamaica, March 2008… 2 dolphins!]
  • Play golf
  • Appear on a game show
  • Parasail [Jamaica, March 2008]
  • Join any sort of team/regular event with Willem


  • Transfer mix tapes onto iPod (Started to collect what’s available online; still need to find a way to transfer from tape to computer.)
  • Sort out bookshelves – minimize, organize
  • Read all of Jane Austen’s books [2/8]
  • See 50 of American Film Institute’s 100 Best Films [20/100]
  • Read 50 of Time Magazine’s 100 Best Novels [10/100]
  • Get backstage at a concert
  • Read five nonfiction books per year
  • Reorganize Craft page and Blogroll [Craft page rewritten 10/4/07, Blogroll 10/25/07]
  • Watch every major Tom Hanks movie in a month


  • Make a family cookbook
  • Grow a garden
  • Make sauce from stuff I grew myself
  • Make crΓ¨me brulee
  • Make pasta from scratch [12/2007]
  • Make bread by hand
  • Make General Tso’s chicken and pork fried rice


  • Redo bathroom (NH house) [completed 10/7/07]
  • Paint living room (NH house) Thanks, Willem!: August 2008
  • Paint/touch-up exterior (NH house) July 2009
  • Reclaim Dad’s room, recreate a playroom/guest room (NH house)
  • Assemble a craft room
  • Find dream house
  • Plant a thriving blackberry bramble
  • Plant a productive strawberry patch
  • Plant a milkweed patch
  • Buy a coffee table with big, deep drawers for random photos
  • Adopt 2 kittens


  • Buy a hybrid car
  • Stop using paper plates (except camping, parties)
  • Stop using paper napkins at meals / make cloth [48+ napkins made]
  • Get timers for kitchen/living room outlets to decrease electricity use
  • Plant a tree for each Christmas tree we use (and make up for past ones)
  • Own a Monet
  • Start 529 plan for each child
  • Pay off student loans


  1. Okay, so i have only read 14 of the 100 (I think). I have to say I like this list better than the 100 best movies list you cited. I am currently reading Things Fall Apart at the recommendation (insistance) of someone I work with at the other place. Other than that there are several 100 Times favorites that coordinate with my all time fav. novels including: Beloved and Housekeeping. And anything by Virginia Wolfe is interesting. I think Are you there God, it’s me . . is a must read for mothers of girls so I will take it as a reminder to re-read. I just re-bought Housekeeping last year b/c someone (aka mother-in-law) never gave my first copy back–maybe b/c I never return containers. So out of your 100 list, this is one that I will take with me and add to my own . .

    And a non-fiction recommendation would be Learning to Fall. And you could kill two birds with that stone as it is a spiritual, too.

    Even though you never asked for my two-cents πŸ™‚

  2. I have a daughter named Monet…does that count as owning one? j/k
    I promise by the end of the year I will put a list together and share it with you. πŸ™‚

    big hugs.

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  4. lol sleep in an ice castle? that is so random i love it. your 100 things are great! you have a lot of blue there so you’re well on your way, i wish you the best scratching things off that list. =)

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  7. thanks…that gives me inspiration on how I should run my life with focus… πŸ™‚

  8. I love this list. I am going to have to “borrow” the idea for my own blog, unless you tell me you’re going to sue me, in which case I will not “borrow” it. πŸ™‚

  9. This is a fantastic Idea. To group things together, and then further breaking them down. Organized, aren’t you? πŸ™‚

  10. Hmm,,, Just looking at the Header image… I have never been to Paris!!!

    (one for my list!)


  11. Me? I just wanna get right or die tryin’

  12. […] But I don’t want to forget what we came up with that night, because we weren’t joking when we said that we meant we were going to do all of those things. What reminded me about it today was some mid-afternoon procrastination that took me to a random blog, where the writer had posted her list of 100 Things To Do Before I Die. […]

  13. Even if the guilt-factor doesn’t work, it’s fun to have it down on “paper” at the very least! And I too look forward to the outrageous justifications and subsequent gloating I can only hope will result… Thanks so much for spurring me into action! Your blog was a lovely gem to stumble upon, and I’m sure to be back… and checking on your progress! πŸ™‚

  14. 100 things before i die..??? thanks for your article. it’s so inspiring me….

  15. I’ve read 26 of the books on the list – and there are many on there I’ve never heard of! Some English Literature major I am!

    I really like your list – I may steal this idea too. It looks like you’re making headway with your list. good luck!! πŸ˜€

  16. I read just a few itens in your list, and I just loved it ;P
    I knew the version 10 things…lol


  17. Great list. Seems like you’re well on your way to completing it.

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  19. Fantastic list! When are you going to adopt the kittens? I love kittens! I am going to start a list and make that my number one.

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