Posted by: Kate | February 27, 2009

I Have a Secret

…wanna hear it?

Shhhh… it’s kind of a big deal for me. Hard to put into words. Hard to admit, out loud or to myself.

Are you ready?

I have a job interview today. I’m not especially nervous, even though I’ve spent the past hour filling out a licensure application, a direct employment application, and a state application. I feel ready, because I have a decent sense of self and I know I could do well at the job, so it’s a simple matter of meeting with the woman and seeing if I can’t convince her of same.

The secret?

I want this job.

I’ve been enjoying my time home with the kids, as much as the overwhelming blahness of life and depression will allow. I love spending time with Jacob, and Emily has been a delight this week (being school vacation week). I had fairly well decided that I was going to stop looking for jobs for a while, and even though it looks like we may not be able to move to Massachusetts as soon as I’d hoped, I still was giving myself until March before I kicked the employment search back into gear again.

But this place courted me. They remembered me, a month after the initial contact. They called me.

So I replied, and agreed to go to the interview, even though, staffing being what it is, I need to drive all the way to their home office, in Bangor, Maine – about a three-hour drive. And I didn’t give it much thought after that.

But tonight, while filling out the advance paperwork and getting directions and generally getting prepared… I realized I actually want the job.

The position is with the “In-Home Support Program” with a publicly-funded company in Maine, based both out of my own home (as far as phone calls and computer work is concerned) and in the clients’ homes. It requires parenting assessment and training, and a general involvement with the foster care system, to try and make sure things are running as smoothly and safely as possible. I feel like I could do this job, and well. It feels a little presumptuous, sometimes, to think of providing training to other parents, but I do feel like parenting is the most important thing I do – and it’s something I think I do reasonably well. I also think I’m good at recognizing what would help other parents do their job better, and – when appropriate – communicating this to them in logical, accessible terms.

I could do this.

I want to.

So, we’ll see. I have a suspicion, from prior exchanges with the woman in charge, that I should know almost right away – I might even leave the interview with an offer in hand. Which means I’ll have a long drive home – my dad is coming with me, so I’ll have company – either grinning and optimistic, or crying and defeated. I’m allowing myself some hope for the former, because I really, really could use some good news.



  1. Good luck! I’ve heard good things about the state of Maine and how they provide services. Far better than MA, as far as I can tell.

  2. Ohhh honey! How exciting for you!

    *sending loads of positive juju your way*

  3. I’ll be keeping fingers and toes crossed!

  4. You know I’m rooting for you! It’s time for some good news, and the job sounds perfect for you!

  5. I hope you get it. Ask for the job.

  6. Good luck to you…my husband is out of work and interviewing too…good luck to us all!

  7. been thinking of you today, and am now anxiously awaiting your return home….

  8. Kate that’s wonderful news. Go for it! And all the very best of Aussie luck.

  9. Good luck today! I can’t wait to hear how it went. I agree — you’d be damn good at this sort of job!

  10. Can’t wait to hear about it! I’ve been thinking good thoughts.

  11. Sending good vibes!

  12. I have been thinking of you all day!

  13. Thinking of you! And????

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