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This page has evolved, in true slowly-but-surely Darwinian fashion.

First, it was a portal to my knitting blog, which I maintained separately from my regular blog, for reasons which were once clear to me. I think it had something to do with trying to please everyone all the time, and not wanting to bore or confuse regular readers with knitted displays of craftiness, or something. Then I decided to get over myself and consolidate.

Later, this page was a long photographic self-congratulatory timeline, a list of all of my completed knitting projects with occasional links to patterns. Then I realized that I’ve already categorized my posts and you can click on the “knitting and other crafty endeavors” link and be brought to all of those posts, with narrative, already. Thus making this page redundant, not to mention one more thing to forget to maintain.

Now, I’m just going to gather links to free knitting patterns that I’ve written, to make navigation a bit easier for those coming here lured by the siren call of a “free knitting pattern” Google search. I’d be thrilled to know if you ever actually use one of my patterns, and if you wanted to throw a link my way so I could go see, it would make my day. But if not, the patterns are still here and open for use. Enjoy!

Lexi’s Summer Dress

Diana’s Lace Sweater (lace stitch pattern only – I didn’t write out the complete instructions)

Jacob’s Car Hat

Butterfly Fields Hat

Alpaca Flip-Top Mittens

Mosaic Socks

Leavened Hat

Carolyn’s Scarf

Posture Socks

Ribs and Stripes Toe-Up Socks

Lazy Entrelac Scarf


  1. I love Daniel’s Sweater…what pattern and yarn did you use?

  2. Hi Baino sent me. I was asking on my blog about Recycled Sari Silk. Have you ever used it? Is it difficult to work with? I am unable to find it in Northern Ireland. Alas It only seems available on the net and in large quantities.

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  5. Being an absolute Nut for knitting myself, I adore your creations, Bravo!

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