Posted by: Kate | April 30, 2009

Clomid Nightmares

Has anyone else had the experience of being on Clomid and having wicked, intense, lifelike nightmares?  Holy sleeplessness, Batman… and I also tend, once a nightmare has begun, to slip back into the same dream over and over, no matter how hard I try to think of pretty, shiny, happy things and wake myself all the way up first.  Makes for a very long night, and a long day following.

I think it’s because of the Clomid, because I take that for five days a month, and those five days are the worst for nightmares.  Within a few days of finishing that month’s course, I settle back down into a more predictable sleep cycle (which is to say, interrupted every few hours by Jacob coming to “snuggle” or Willem doing various slumberous contortions and sound effects… but it’s better than the insomnia I had through much of February).

To round it out, I have a very hard time talking about the nightmares after the fact; as if, because they’re so real and lifelike in my head, I will somehow give them power to actually happen.  Logic be damned, I just refuse to speak certain phrases aloud.  And that means it takes that much longer for me to fully exorcise the dream and get on with my day.

Two more days of Clomid this month… I think I can, I think I can…


  1. I don’t remember vivid nightmares while on Clomid, but then again, I had practically NO side effects while on it.

    I think you can; I think you can; I think you can …

  2. Yikes. As if being on Clomid isn’t stressful enough!

  3. Yes, Kate – I did. Terrible, vivid, colourful, loud, frightening, intense, heart-palpitating, gut-wrenching, awful dreams. And once I was pregnant, I had the same vivid, spectacular-types of dreams, but they were usually good and lasted until the end of my first trimester. It was as if everything was in technicolour!

    Sweet dreams tonight and may you be moving onto the groovy dreams soon!

  4. Yes, I had some crazy dreams on Clomid too. My doctor ended up switching me over to Letrozole. It’s a relatively new drug for fertility, but it works much the same way as Clomid but with less side effects (for me, it was a LOT less). It is also less of a chance of multiples. Might be something to look into. I just started a fertility blog at if you are interested in checking it out. I am going to be posting some more information about Letrozole and my experience with it so far soon. I can also be found at

    Good luck! The I think I can thought process really does help. I had a horrible time on Clomid with many side effects, so I feel your pain. Just think, if it gets you that cute little baby, it will all be worth it!!!

  5. I took Clomid and didn’t start having the nighmares until about a week after I finished the last pill and now for the past two weeks everynight I dream of somone I love dying or my husband having an affair and all kinds of horrible things! This is weird I hope it stops soon!!!

  6. yes ! I’ve had these awful dreams of how I’m always doing something wrong to cause my husband to leave ! and I wake up terrified and anxious because they are extremely vivid and just plain horrible ! I also cannot get rid of the headaches !

  7. I have had the most terrifying nightmares while taking Clomid. This is my 2nd cycle but a higher does of 100mg. The dreams started happening on day 2, and just like you said, even when I wake up and then go back to sleep I fall right back into the same nightmare. They are very vivid and I usually wake up with my heart pounding. This is the last day of the Clomid cycle and I am hoping they go away as soon as I am done taking it. When I called my doctor’s office they said I was the first person to ever mention bad dreams and that it normally isn’t a side effect of Clomid. I’m just glad I’m not the only one who has gone through this.

  8. Took my very pill of clomid last night and the had terrible nightmares, all night long. They just kept coming. Scary loud vivid ones in 3D with sorround sound.

  9. Hi Kate, I saw your article.. as I was searching for side effects for Clomid. And wanted to justify that my nightmares are not going to come true. I hope you are okay in life and that the nightmares you had were only a side effect of this medicine. I have so much anxiety right now. And trying to seek help:answers.. sorry for this Bizzare email just know that your article helped me a little because I cbs relate to it right now:

    • It’s absolutely a real thing and it was awful.

      I ended up going off Clomid, then getting unexpectedly pregnant about a year later. That baby is now 12. 💜

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