Posted by: Kate | February 26, 2011


Only another 14,714 views on my blog, and I’ll roll over the 300,000 mark. Wild stuff.

I suppose that means I should start thinking about how to redesign the whole thing, not to mention figuring out some sort of contest to reward my readers, regular or sporadic. Got any (realistic) ideas? It feels like I’ve done too many knitwear giveaways already, and I still owe a couple pf previous winners their prizes before I add more to the list.  Seems important, to me, to fulfill those prior obligations before taking on new ones, ya know.

So, any blog-contest prizes that do not imply knitting? That mere sentence is a challenge for me to knit. But, it’s time to branch out of my comfort zone a little… so if you can come up with a crafty, homemade sort of idea, I’ll give it a go. Ideas? Things to definitely avoid? (This can include entirely non-fiber sorts of creations, though I’d prefer to stick to the general by-hand type motif. I’m pretty intrepid, at least as far at this sort of adventure is concerned.) Whaddaya want, but can’t make yourself? Chances are that I can, or at least if I don’t already know how I can find a friend or a website to get me there.

I’ll keep this open, and toward the top of the blog, until I roll over 300,000 viewers.
Numbers 299,999, 300,000 and 301,001 will win; I’ll keep you posted.

Which reminds me that I have no way of identifying individual viewers with any accuracy; I have a site counter that tells me where you are and what ISP you’re using, but I can’t narrow it down much more than that. As we get nearer to the big-30(0000), I’ll have to rely on comment to determine the recipients, I suppose. Stay tuned…


  1. So where is your view counter? Maybe you should take up a journalism career? nice to see you posting.

  2. How’s your fine motor skills? I have beautiful beads and would be happy, when I can, to box-and-send to your new address when you’ve settled down. There’s a LOT of good collecting and jewelry findings in that collection, but I won’t have time, taking on a new second job, and it’s all I can do to knit “expected” presents, like baby gifts. Let me know!

    And how are you having time to design the blog while packing and moving? Be really careful, in a BIG new place, not to expand to fill it, especially if there’s any chance you’d have to move again. Ask me how I know…lol.

    Always thinking of you. I’ve been a “regular” for some years now ;).

    • Fine motor skills have pretty much returned to baseline, and a big old AMEN to that.

      ‘I had a HUGE beading habit when I was in college, my output was truly prodigious. I’d be happy to pick that up again, though perhaps on a less-obsessive basis, and the OT is good for my ongoing cerebellar issues.So if you feel like a trip to the post office, I’d be happy to take those nasty obnoxious little beads off your hand…

      • They’re beautiful, not obnoxious, lol…some hand-carved lapis, blue-and-white ceramic, animal fetishes…just lots of cool stuff. I’m in the throes of insanity right now with work and getting ready for the new job (which I’m procrastinating on) but will be happy to get that out when I can, when you get all moved. No point in packing it all up and moving it!

  3. two words: chewy gooeys. Can’t make ’em myself since a certain someone refuses to share the recipe, sooo….

    • I second this vote!

  4. Well, I wanted to be one of the 14,714 views you need. I still got to go 299,556. How long did it take you to get 300,000 views?

    • That’s a very good question, and I realized I’m actually completely off on my numbers… the 285,000ish that I was using was just from the time I’ve been using WordPress, which has been about 3 1/2 years. Prior to that, I spent time on Blogger, where I had about 95,000 hits over about 2 years, and prior to *that* it was a tiny little blogling over on with around 5,000 hits in a year… so it starts small, and there seems to be a magical spot right around 50 hits a day, where you’ll suddenly leap up to 100 hits a day without quite knowing how. It takes a lot of visiting other blogs, commenting often, perhaps joining a blogroll or two. I barely blog now – sometimes a few times a week, but more often once a week or less – due to generally feeling overwhelmed by life and not needing to put that vibe out into the universe. But my regulars keep coming back, they have me on an RSS feed so they catch every post, and it just holds at that ~100 hits per day no matter how often I write.

      I wish you much luck! Kate

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