Posted by: Kate | December 22, 2010


I don’t fall down very often. Once in a while, I’ll hit a patch of ice, or turn my ankle on a doorjamb, or something similarly mundane, and will wind up horizontal and embarrassed, but it’s not a constant sort of thing.

But that lack of uncoordination does not automatically translate to anything remotely resembling actual grace. I don’t walk – ever since my diagnosis, at least – so much as galumph along. I don’t dance, I bounce and smile a lot…often with courage of the liquid variety.

My grace, instead, comes in different forms. I hope, very much, that it shines through in my motherhood, since that is the single most important thing that I do. I feel like I have beautiful, graceful, mostly smooth relationships with each of my children. I hope that my grace shines through – not so much, just lately, as I’ve been struggling with nasty and near-unbearable adverse effects of a medication I had recently started and had such high hopes for – Cymbalta, which I know works wonders for some… for me, it creates frightening double-vision and disorientation and uncoordination – but overall, I think I’m pretty graceful in my encounters, public and private, with my husband. My relationships in general, I feel like I can often detect what’s not being said and find a way to get the right words out, in an effectively graceful sort of way, at least most of the time.

I knit. I craft. I have creative ideas. These, for me, all represent an aspect of grace and style, stuff I felt sorely lacking when I had a near-mullet and few friends and relatives more than happy to point out my physical failings, back in the day. My grace comes from learning what I’m good at, and doing it, even when it seems like I shouldn’t be able to.

This is this week’s effort at the Madhouse… I hope y’all found a way to play along, too. Hell, if you can’t write about your grace, write about mine. πŸ˜‰

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  1. Hi Kate. I haven’t been around for a while. Blogging’s taking a back seat to life the universe and everything. You’ve had your Annus Horribilus and I wish nothing but good for you in 2011. Have a wonderful Christmas with your awesome family and a a very happy new year. Perhaps I’ll come back to the Madhouse next year, hai that’s only a week or so away. Much Love. Helen

  2. Grace – both given and received – is a beautiful thing. Merry Christmas, and may 2011 be the very antithesis of 2010 for you!

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