Posted by: Kate | December 7, 2010

Sick Sucks

My poor little Isaac has his first head cold, and it’s really putting him through his paces.  All stuffed up, coughing a lot, and just sort of blah.  He’s not scary-sick, or even doctor-visit-sick, just the occasional low-grade fever and so on.

The rest of us are in various stages of fighting off what he has, or recovering from last week’s stomach thing: we each got nauseous, threw up once or twice,  and then were better again within a few hours, the fastest-moving illness I’ve ever seen.  If it hadn’t been spread out over several days and shared by all, I would have thought it was very slight food poisoning or similar.

But the baby, poor guy, he’s just miserable in that Mama-why-is-this-happening sort of way.  And he’s even more snuggly and warm and sweet than usual, which is really quite a stretch for him, as he already has the market cornered on Precious Sweet Babyness.  Which makes it hard to fully regret the fact that he’s unwell, because I do love me a good baby snuggle.

Anyway, so, it makes it tough for me to be on the computer just now.  But I did compile and post the list of Madhouse prompts for the next six months… go check it out, warm up your typin’ fingers, and let me know when you’ve posted this week’s entry.

I’m willing to consider your Madhouse entries as little Christmas gifts to me, so,  thanks!  It’s just the right size, and fits beautifully.

In advance, here’s the list I have of interested parties – fellow residents of the Madhouse, if you will.  Alphabetized and everything, how with-it am I?? I’ll continue to update it when I can…

If you copy the text below and post it in the “HTML” view of WordPress or Blogger, it’ll turn them into pretty little links.

Allison – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Allimonster Speaks</a>
Barb – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Spencer Hill Spinning &amp; Dyeing</a>
Batty – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Batty’s Adventures in Spooky Knitting</a>
Dave – <a href=”; target=”_blank” >Notes from the Field</a>
Evil Twin’s Wife – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>The Glamorous Life of a Hausfrau</a>
G – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Not-A-Box</a>
Heather – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>She Flies With Her Own Wings</a>
Jennifer – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Ask Poops, Please</a>
JMLC – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Daydreams and Ruminations</a>
Kate – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>yoyu mama</a>
LC – <a href=”” target=”_blank” >LC in Sunny So Cal</a>
Louise – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Child of Grace</a>
Marcy – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Mittentime</a>
Melanie – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>usually, things happen</a>
Nikki – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>Land of the Free, Home of the Depressed</a>
Sara – <a href=”; target=”_blank”>yoyu mama</a>


  1. Aw, poor little baby! Sweet snuggle times are always good, though, even if it is because of sickness.

    I managed to get my Madhouse post up for this week …

  2. We had the same bug go through our house, somehow I escaped unscathed. And now we, too, are all fighting a nasty sniffle. Feel better!

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