Posted by: Kate | November 29, 2010

Unplanned Hiatus…

…but I’m back now. I’ll explain, soon… I’m just still pondering exactly how many details to share, not to mention have only just barely returned home and very much need to bask in the presence of my husband and children, whom – though I would not have guessed this was possible – I love and appreciate today even more than I did last week. Or, at least, I have been provided with a renewed awareness of said love and appreciation. Likewise, for all of those very friends to whom I just expressed gratitude… now there’s even more thanks piled up on top of the old stuff.

Anyway, the short version: I just spent another four days in the hospital. It was not pleasant. I’m OK, now, and home, and will be slowly easing my way back into my typical routine, albeit with lots of help. And I’ll use this week’s Madhouse as the vehicle to present whichever details I decide to present… two birds, one keyboard.

For this week, if you would be so kind as to play along – and did everyone see, Marcy wants to come play, and Audrey is sneaking ever closer to bloghood?? – then post on Wednesday, under the title of “No Strings.”

Later this week – maybe tomorrow, maybe not – I’ll update the Madhouse link, up there on top, with several weeks’ worth of topics in advance… my plan is to just take the suggestions I was given, toss ’em in Excel, and have it randomize them.

So. Yes, I know, I’m being all cryptic and mysterious. There’s lots of reasons. It was a very hard, and very horrible, and enlightening, and educational, and important weekend. I hope very much to complete the year without setting foot in another hospital, for any reason at all. Sound like a plan?

Let me know if you’ll be playing along with the Madhouse this week, so that I have an accurate list… and remember, Facebook notes, or comments, or a guest-post here, would all be fine options.



  1. I’m playing along and happy to be seeing you tomorrow!

  2. I’m still playing and will try my best to be more timely this week.

    I hope everything is ok…be well!

  3. So happy to hear that you are home and on the mend.

    I’m glad to have a couple days to ponder the subject for this week. 🙂

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