Posted by: Kate | November 21, 2010


A while ago – ranging from about 18 months ago to last September – I ran a loosely organized sort of … ugh, what is the word?  A carnival, I think: when a handful of bloggers post something of a similar vent all on the same day.  Yes: here.  Each Wednesday, anywhere from two or three of us to a dozen or so would post to the tune of a shared title.  Then we’d sit back and read, and see a variety of responses to a simple word or phrase.

I enjoyed it, but after a while I let it slack off, and hadn’t thought of it for a while.

Then, March happened, and turned my whole world up-side-down.  Among other long-term issues stemming from it, I have had problems with word retrieval and memory.  Words don’t come easily to me anymore; once upon a time, a blog post was a matter of 10 or 15 minutes, and the phrases and paragraphs simply flowed, brain to keyboard to internet, with no more effort than it took to prepare a bowl of cereal.  Now, it takes me at least an hour to be able to articulate the main idea of a post, and it can take several days to write and edit and rewrite and re-edit until I have created something that is at least remotely articulate.

I’ve considered deleting the blog entirely, or going on indefinite hiatus, or taking some other form of break from it, in hopes that my cognitive issues will repair themselves over time.  But instead, I think what I need to do is step up the challenge to my brain again; instead of taking the easy (not to mention, in-law-delighting) course of action, I think I need, instead, to push myself harder.

For one thing, I need to post more often… I don’t know exactly how frequently, yet, but I’m going to aim for three posts per week.  Quite the change, when it used to be difficult for me, sometimes, to limit myself to only one post per day.  I’m going to push for more detailed, flowing, narrative sorts of posts, instead of simple, here’s-how-I’m-sick-now updates.  And I’m going to return to a structured, weekly, planned post, to try and get myself back into the sort of creative, personal writing I used to enjoy so much.  Even when I was writing about unpleasant things, I enjoyed the process of writing; I miss that, now.

So, can I interest anyone in joining me?  It used to be on Wednesdays, is that the best day for anyone else,  or will I be on my own here?  The more the merrier, you know… I always loved finding out just how different the responses were to a shared prompt.  And whether you’d like to join in or not – and you can always post a Facebook note, if you would like to play along but don’t want to start a blog – would you please give me some ideas for topics?  Anything, really, any word at all, any phrase, whatever you’d like to write about, or read about.

I can’t revert many of the changed aspects of my life back to their original forms; my body is scarred, and my emotions shaken.  But I can start to reform certain things, and if they don’t resemble their former styles, I can maybe make something new.  Wanna play?


  1. Kate, I’d be glad to, but I also don’t know how long I’ll be online. When the money gets drained around here the wild, wild intertubes are the first to go.

    Some topic ideas:

    * winning/losing
    * family recipes
    * teachers that have influenced your life, for good or ill
    * expectations (nice broad topic, right?)
    * a perfect moment

    I dunno. I hope I get to play along; I think it would be good for me to commit to even one day a week to blog. After I killed my beloved blog, my drive to blog at all has deflated, even after making a new Tumblr blog.

  2. I’ll play!

  3. I’d play…if I had a blog. Just somehow haven’t gotten to setting it all up yet…Great idea, though! Maybe I can play in the comments!

  4. I’ll play!

  5. I’m in. I’ve been neglecting my blog, haven’t posted in weeks. I need to get onto a regular schedule again. Maybe start out not-so-ambitious, with one knitting/spinning post a week and one Wednesday post on a topic. This is a great idea.

  6. November is actually NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month), in addition to the NaNoWriMo and NaKniSweMo, so this is a conveniently timed inspiration, if only to start things off.

    I’m totally in – I have been slacking on my blog, and I loved doing the Madhouse prompts because it made me think outside my comfort zone.

  7. I’ll play since the blog that I’d use it for I’ve been neglecting lately in favor of the food blog. Some ideas:
    Define “happy”
    grace (the noun, not the Proper noun!)

  8. I couldn’t commit to playing every week, but I would love to join in when I could! I used to be part of a few different blog carnivals, but they all fizzled (or my interest fizzled) so I’ve been looking for something new.

  9. I’d like to join in, not sure how consistent it may be. Some days, I just have my own agenda, because I’m stubborn and a rebel. But, I shall try. 🙂

  10. I am, potentially anyway, in. My blog has languished over the last almost year anyway…time to wake it back up! (though really, what would I post about now? “have another 200 pages to read for this week. and a paper to write. see you next week.” repeat ad infinitum….

  11. […] basic, underlying reason, even if it’s a strange or illogical one.  And I do have a reason: as I wrote yesterday, I feel that it is time for me to make some changes to my blog and the habits thereupon.  […]

  12. Love the idea. Not organized enough to participate. 🙂

  13. I have to take a look and see if my old blog is still out there somewhere. I’ve never managed to get one off the ground, but your carnival may be just what I need!

  14. I’ll play, too! Thanks for checking in and lighting a fire under me.

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