Posted by: Kate | August 19, 2010

Evidence of Rampant Cuteness

I’ve been asked, in various ways, for more photos of the baby.  Proof that I did, indeed, procreate once again this year, somewhere amidst all of the stress and illness and drama…

It’s not that I’m hiding him.  I enjoy him greatly, show him off whenever I can, and snap photos endlessly.  I’ve just become horribly, horribly lax about labeling and uploading photos ever since life imploded in March.  I have lots of photos, and they’ve even progressed from the camera onto my computer, but now they’re stalled.  Sitting in a big, messy pile, everything since about May or so. (I did engage in one big organizational extravaganza back after Emily’s birthday in April, but nothing since then.)

But, yes, I do owe my adoring public some photos. So I’ll throw a bunch online, some of my favorites from March to now, just for you.  Because I love you, I really do, even though I have times when I hibernate and isolate and generally remove myself from view.  That’s just the depression-trauma-anxiety monster rearing its ugly, three-headed self. I’m still working to fight that particular beast, and one of the very strongest weapons in my arsenal is the immense glow of cuteness and sweetness emanating from that baby.

I’ll warn you: he really is dangerously adorable.  Get your “awwwww” muscles limbered up first, and if you’re not in a circumstance in which you can safely giggle out loud a little bit, you may want to skip this and come back later.  Because Cute is just one town over from Funny in the larger scheme of things…

blog post-02
He spends hours in his bouncer/jumper thing… he just loves it. I’m sure the neighbors downstairs do, too…

blog post-06

blog post-07

blog post-08
Gross, I know. But you just said, “Bless you,” didn’t you?

blog post-09
Isaac is an excellent Wii-player, as you can see. Did you notice, he has his own Mii character, the little bald guy on the right?

blog post-10
Despite his aforementioned hours in this thing, he still acts like he has never seen parts of it before. Maybe he hasn’t; my other kids have the ability to lapse into complete blindness when it comes to things like finding their shoes or picking up after an arts and crafts project, he might as well start early…

blog post-11

blog post-12

blog post-14

blog post-15

All three of the kids love swimming… which makes it that much crappier that I can’t go in the water, still. (I still have an open wound from the latest batch of abdominal surgeries in July. No swimming for me until this is done with… “infuriating” fails to capture the sentiment around this.) I was able to swim for one weekend, in between the wounds healing after March and the new nonsense in July, and I’m really, really glad I went in the water then – even though I forgot my bathing suit. Never fear, I didn’t subject anyone to my scarred, damaged torso then, I just sacrificed an outfit for the weekend. We went to my mother’s house during the last weekend in June, for Isaac’s baptism, and her neighbor Calvin invited us over to use his pool. Emily and Jacob spent the time splashing and playing and generally being goofballs; Isaac was considerably more relaxed.
blog post-17blog post-18blog post-19blog post-16

blog post-20

blog post-21
Go ahead, just try to hold a sleeping baby without nodding off. I dare you.

blog post-22
In fact, his sleep-emanating skills are so strong, he can take down an entire group at once.

blog post-01-1
Jacob made a “PIKTURE BOOK” for Isaac… it was well-received.

blog post-02-1
A budding knitter, perhaps?

blog post-03

blog post-05-1

blog post-06-1

blog post-11-1
Most of the time, I’m able to just enjoy the moment with him, just to smile at him and appreciate his sweetness. But sometimes I think about that month I lost, right at the beginning – really more than a month, because it’s not like I came home and jumped right into the role of Mama – and my heart just hurts. How can he be sitting up already?? I’ve only had him for about three months, even though he’s five and a half months old. So unfair.

blog post-14-1

blog post-15-1

The kids decided to have some music practice… perhaps we’ll have a new kid-band on the charts in a few years?
blog post-16-1blog post-17-1blog post-18-1

blog post-21-1

blog post-22-1

blog post-25

blog post-26
blog post-27
blog post-28

blog post-30blog post-31

If I was the type to get a tattoo made from a photo…
blog post-32

blog post-29

What, you’re still here? Good for you. It’s a lot of work, dealing with all of that cute. Trust me, I know; I have to live it every single day.



  1. LOVE the one with the pants on the head!!

    Your whole family is gorgeous…you must be so proud. Thanks for posting these!

  2. Adorable!!!

  3. You’re not the only one severely behind on photo posting…and you have a more-than-reasonable excuse for the delay! I’m just lazy.

    Isaac is just too, too cute, and the whole family just seems charmed by him. And for good reason! Can’t wait to meet him.

  4. Totally precious and utterly cute!

  5. Kate, they are all beautiful and SO happy, Isaac is flourishing. I know you’ve been robbed of time with him, but you’ve obviously been doing a great job!

  6. No joke, he is PAINFULLY cute!!!! I am sitting here wishing I could hold him!!

  7. Oh, that is just ridiculous! You really make some beautiful kids, Kate.

  8. Loved seeing these!

  9. Way cute. As we say in Idaho, you done good!

  10. I think my head just exploded.

  11. Oh, my! My ovaries are glowing. And I’m SO done having kids. But.So.Cute.

  12. Gah! The CUTE!

    I love how babies are able to instantly pass out, just “OK, I’m done.” No fuss, no muss, just boom. Out.

  13. Thanks for sharing…he is utterly adorable!!!

  14. OMG I love the one of the three of them at the end!!

    He’s a cutie!!

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