Posted by: Kate | August 12, 2010


My Facebook status from this morning:

If I was half as competent as my daughter thinks I am, and some tiny fraction as reliable as my older son believes, and a portion as fun and safe as my baby knows, I would be a seriously amazing human being.

I think the challenge is to try and remember to see myself through other people’s eyes for a while, because it’s pretty clear that I’m harder on myself than anyone else ever could be. And maybe if I threw in some acceptance of my husband’s belief in my ability to get healthy again – not to mention his insistence that I’m not a scarred and physically broken as I perceive – I might start really making some progress in this whole recovery thing.


  1. Kate, belive all those things. We all do.

  2. seconded. Its not even “I think you can..” it’s “I KNOW you can…I know you can….”

    love you.

  3. I saw that facebook status, and I echo what lots of people said there: You ARE an amazing person. But you’re right … you – like most of us – are harder on yourself than others would ever be. I’m part of a small spiritual-transformation group (just five of us), and at our first retreat, we had to share one word that described each of the others. It was so interesting – and confidence-boosting – to see what others said of me.

  4. It can be really hard to have a “real” perspective when you’re right in the middle of it- something about a forest and some trees, right?
    Hang in there- I believe in you. xo

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