Posted by: Kate | August 5, 2010

…and the Winner is…


I think a majority of people went with this choice, though I haven’t been motivated enough to do a full count.  I did keep track of the correct guesses, which were made by 27 people, so my random-number generator (comprised of the three-headed couch monster also known as Jacob, Emily and Mary) selected Becca, Robyn and Kelly – congratulations, ladies!  I’ll email you so you can start thinking hat-related thoughts before the weather actually calls for such nonsense.


I’m pretty pleased with it.  It did come strapless, but with a little bag containing two strips of satin in the same color that can be added for spaghetti straps; I’ll be adding those on, just because I like the look of them.  I’ll be shortening my necklace for the occasion, and will have to go shoe-shopping again… I like these ones on their own, but they just don’t quite go with the dress.  I’m open to suggestions – in fact, if you can find a pair of non-spiked 2″-ish-heel sandals in silver, size (yes, really) 11, that works, then I’ll add you to the hat-winners list! – and otherwise I need to turn my attentions to the kids’ outfits.  Which should be easier, I suspect, seeing as how cute tends to come in lots of sizes and they’re not in the wedding party so I have free reign on color…

So, yeah.  One shining success, in the midst of any number of health concerns and so on.  We’ll take whatever victories we can find, just now.


(Oh, yeah.  And, I got my hair cut.  Like, really, really cut.  A lot.  Sigh.  I’ll stop hating it eventually, I’m sure, because it’s not a bad cut at all – I just hate it because it had continued to fall out in clumps and had become so sparse that I couldn’t even pin it back anymore, so I felt I had to cut it.  I tend to resent anything I’m forced to do, somehow.)

And we have another winner! I loved so many of the shoes that were suggested, but I had to consider price, too – did I really love certain pairs four times as much as I loved these ones? I don’t think so… I’ll pine for the ones that were all fancy and knotted and strappy, but these go well with the dress and the price is gentle on my wallet. So, congratulations to “knitorious drivel,” she wins a hat, too!



  1. LOVE IT! You look gorgeous. And I picked the right dress!

  2. LOVE the dress! You look awesome in it – and just plain awesome!

  3. I love the dress! You look awesome. And I love the new haircut, though I’m feeling your pain on the difference between wanting to do it and having to do it.

    I could never pull off short hair, but I do love it!

  4. Yay! You look so pretty!

  5. I love it! You look beautiful!

  6. The pixie cut is cute! Though I totally get the resentment of not being able to choose your hairstyle.

  7. Beautiful! And I still love the hair.

  8. LOVE the dress. you look absolutely beautiful!!! I picked the right one too.

  9. Woot! I called it in the air! I love, love, LOVE it! And it’s even more flattering in blue! You look amazing – including the hair!!! Yay you!!! Glad you are surrounding yourself with happy things like weddings – it’s time you had some fun!

  10. I didn’t pick it as my favorite, but I did like this one very much. In fact, I believe it was my second choice. Very nice!

  11. Love the dress…..and the hair is super cute.

    Here is a good site for silver shoes:

  12. Love the dress! I didn’t vote, but that was my guess. It looks lovely on you. As for shoes,

    These may be too “spikey” but the price is right, and they meet all the other criteria:|71769

    Lower heel than you wanted:

    lower heel; overnight shipping available:,B001601L2Y,B0038PDTGQ,B002IY28PG,B002PSD0QQ,B001JAHERM,B001EJNLWU,B002FQIQRG,B000XR4G5A,B002WC8QP0,B002VLYNBI,B001DTKLBK,B001H31LEI,B0030GWSG0,B001F0MQKG,B002RASF9Y,B0002Y7Z8Y,B002ZJW4ZS,B001MIYY42,B002UD4VF0,B0002Y7ZD4,B002ZJWOAS,B003BLU4KG,B001JAHJR2,B001JAHF5I,B001TQYSFC,B001JP73DW,B002PJ51XU,B002WPZC1I,B002J4TOL6,B002SQJD02,B002WVKK5U,B002PJ50Q8,B002MH3EP2,B00313I212,B002WPZPUQ,B003BQUY0G,B000XR2ORM,B001HEHFM4,B002WPZEFW&asinTitle=Dyeables%20Fiesta%20Sandal&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=40&node=242169011&nodes=242169011&keywords=silver%20sandals&sort=relevancerank&sizes=519637011

  13. wedge heel; overnight shipping available:,B001601L2Y,B0038PDTGQ,B002IY28PG,B002PSD0QQ,B001JAHERM,B001EJNLWU,B002FQIQRG,B000XR4G5A,B002WC8QP0,B002VLYNBI,B001DTKLBK,B001H31LEI,B0030GWSG0,B001F0MQKG,B002RASF9Y,B0002Y7Z8Y,B002ZJW4ZS,B001MIYY42,B002UD4VF0,B0002Y7ZD4,B002ZJWOAS,B003BLU4KG,B001JAHJR2,B001JAHF5I,B001TQYSFC,B001JP73DW,B002PJ51XU,B002WPZC1I,B002J4TOL6,B002SQJD02,B002WVKK5U,B002PJ50Q8,B002MH3EP2,B00313I212,B002WPZPUQ,B003BQUY0G,B000XR2ORM,B001HEHFM4,B002WPZEFW&asinTitle=J.Renee%20Whirl%20Rhinestone%20Sandal&contextTitle=search%20results&page=1&size=40&node=242169011&nodes=242169011&keywords=silver%20sandals&sort=relevancerank&sizes=519637011

    that’s it from me! good luck!

  14. BeaUtiful dress!

    And you rock the short haircut…I got mine cut back in May, as I just couldn’t handle the long hair with a baby and the Virginia summer heat. I was shooting for early Battlestar Galactica Katee Sackoff, but ended up looking a bit more like Haylee Mills in The Parent Trap. But it’s grown out nicely and I really like what it does now.

  15. You look great, and your hair does too 🙂 Makes me think I should cut mine off rather than just pulling it back all the time.

    Kristie’s link is full of silver shoes in size 11-she must be the winner!

  16. okay, I promise I’ll stop: wedge heel, overnight shipping.:

  17. so I lied:

    chunky heel:

    squarish heel:

  18. STUNNING!!!! YOU JUST LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! HA – hat or not I am just happy I was right!

  19. cheaper; can probably get locally:,11.0,Regular&size=080102110,11.0,Regular&choosenSize=080102110,11.0,Regular

  20. You look beautiful! And I love the haircut, too. Great for this heat!

  21. You look fabulous Kate!

  22. Zappos has a TON of size 11 silver shoes but I really liked these.

    Here is the entire selection

    (if I happen to win – donate my hat to a local women’s shelter – not much need for one here, though you do such an amazing job!!!) 🙂

  23. This is another option too

  24. Doesn’t that dress just make you want to burst out singing, “I Feel Pretty?” You look absolutely stunning!

  25. yay, i’m excited about my hat! and that dress (in pink) is hanging in the window of a store right near my office and I admire it often.

  26. By the by, there’s a store in Fort Worth called The Big Feet Store. They have an amazing selection, but I rather like these:!JRene/2+%27+Heel+Dress+Mesh+Evening+Pump

  27. You look lovely! I hope you have a great time.

  28. You look fab in The Dress!!!

    It sucksucksucksucksucks that you were forced to cut your hair (versus bravely declaring one day that you’re going short and chic by CHOICE). Sucks.

    It actually looks good on you, though! Not everyone can pull that off. Work it like you mean it! You can add a signature flower like this girlie:


  29. I just read the comment about The Big Feet Store . . . hahahahahaha!!!! I think perhaps a foreign translation nickname might be in order, like “Tar-zhay” for “Target.”

    il deposito per i grandi piedi
    le magasin de grands pieds
    der Speicher für große Füße

    Then again, perhaps not . . .

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