Posted by: Kate | August 3, 2010

Decisions, Decisions…

It was a daunting task, far too intimidating to be faced alone.  So, on Sunday, I gathered up my sister Mary and friend Carolyn to attempt a feat which could range anywhere from straightforward to impossible…

…I went dress-shopping.

I tried on eight dresses, and was able to narrow it down to a few main prospects within moments.  Then, after a conference with the girls over cheesecake, plus some input from the bride-to-be and my husband, I placed an order.

Before I share the winner of this particular challenge – a surprisingly less-painful-than-expected ordeal, in which my abdominal scars and wounds rarely were at issue – I thought I’d show all of the contenders, photographed by Carolyn to assist in the decision-making process.  You tell me, which one do you think I chose?  What the hell, I haven’t hosted a blog contest in a while, let’s make it a giveaway: of those who guess correctly, I’ll randomly select one to win a hand-knitted hat of your choosing.

As a hint, the wedding is an afternoon, garden affair, and the final selection came in a lovely cornflower blue.  My goal was to find something fun and dressy without being cutesy or stuffy.  And I’ll be shopping, very soon, for shoes… I’m thinking strappy silver sandals, with a low heel. And I promise to have better posture at the wedding itself; I was wearing terribly uncomfortable loaner shoes and got tireder and tireder as the afternoon progressed.

OK.  Without further ado, the contestants are…

1 & 2


3 & 4

5 & 6

7 & 8

So, whaddaya think?  Which is the best?


  1. So many cute choices, but I’m guessing you picked the second one down on the left.

  2. You look awesome in every single one of them! But, you said “afternoon garden” which takes the long ones out, I think.

    I *think* it’s either the black or the red one, in cornflower blue (my favorite Crayola crayon from the past, btw). I’m projecting b/c those would be the two I’d choose, but I have no boobs, so my logic is a bit flawed. I’m going to say the “black” one. I love the neckline to death, though honestly, any of those dresses will look fabulous.

  3. Hmmmm … wondering if your facial expressions in the photos are another clue? 🙂 You don’t seem overly thrilled with the aqua dress (#7). Gotta ponder this …

  4. I like 1, 3, 6 and 7 the best. But mostly 3!

  5. I could be swayed by the colors, though.

  6. I like dress 6 and 7 but you look beautiful in them all. hope you had fun shopping and a blast at the wedding.

    For the purpose of the contest I pick dress #6

    • Hey… I screwed up the numbering on this post, so can you let me know if you still mean the same numbers now that I’ve clarified? (Some people used numbering based on the photos’ position on the page, other people used the file name of the dresses… stupid of me, would have been so easy to set it up better. Ah, well, one more thing to blame on Mommy-Brain…)

      Thanks, Kate

      • I used the pic numbers , I pick The new # 3

  7. I think I vote for dress1. But basically because that’s the one I think I’d be most comfortable in.

  8. I really love dress #1, so I’m going with that one. Because really, I have no idea! 🙂 It’s longish (can’t totally see the bottom) but seems to be of a flouncy sort of material, so I think it would work for a daytime garden wedding. And it looks super comfy!

    They all look great, and it’s nice to get to see several photos of you!

    I was moh in an old friend’s wedding this past January – her only attendant – and I got to choose my dress too. That rocked … a definite step up from being forced to pay hundreds of dollars for dresses I didn’t even like. Yay to Gretchen for giving you this freedom!

  9. My favorite is the very first one.

  10. Hmmm. This is hard!

    I thought 1, 2 and 3 were a bit formal for what you seemed to want for a garden wedding, though I especially liked the way 1 and 3 looked on you! A lot. A lot alot.

    I think 5 looked fab on you, too, and is a classic cut and style, but that seemed to work against the fun requirement.

    I wasn’t as fond of 7 or 8.

    So that leaves 4 and 6. Six has the fun chiffon skirt you were looking for, but four is just really adorable, and would look spectacular in the cornflower blue with silver shoes. I do worry that you might think it too cutesy, though.

    So, my vote is for number 4. Fun and flirty and dressy.

    Can’t wait to see what you decided, and to see you all gussied up in comfortable shoes and big hair!

  11. Dress 5 (as titled, I’m not sure it’s #5 on the page) is the most sophisticated and flattering. It would be lovely in blue, and with beautiful shoes and a bouquet, it will be stunning!

  12. I really like 3 and 1.

  13. I am not a fan of strapless but I *love* that one on you. it’s a very flattering cut and length on you

  14. I know you ordered number 3 in the color of your choice, because you look like one hot mama, rocking the strapless top, and the cute short flirty skirt…cleavage looking good, waist nice and small, who would have guessed all the mayhem your poor tummy has been through! What did I win??? hehe

  15. Brown one…. 2nd one down on the right. Simple but lovely.

  16. I like the fourth one (brown) or the sixth. but that one is a bit too long for a garden wedding in my mind.

    Now, the really important question, what shawl are you going to make to go with it???? 🙂

  17. I’m gonna go with the light green (yellow?) strapless short one. It’s so flattering on you and very cute and fun.

  18. You look stunning in the strapless (titled dress6) and the next one (dress5)

    strapless dress6 is fun, fresh, flirty
    dress5 is classic, audrey hepburnish

    hmmm… I’m going dress6

  19. The last one. That neckline looks great on you.

  20. I would pick the brown one-#4 I guess

  21. I am guessing the strapless green one, first in the second row.

  22. Dress1 or Dress6. Very pretty. I’m not digging any of the halter tops, for some reason.

  23. I am guessing dress6 in which you look stunning!

  24. 6 or 3, in that order. You look amazing in all of them, but 6 really did it for me.

  25. Dress 1 is totally va-va-voom on you 🙂

  26. I admit to cheating and heading on over to the David’s Bridal site to see if my favourites came in cornflower…

    You look stunning in so many of these! So elegant in the long black halter, but that’s not summer garden. For me I’d choose the brown satin one, and you looked so classic in that too, but it’s not as fun as the strapless with the pailletes, so that’s what I think you went with. You did say fun in the hints. I hope you feel as great as you look in it!

  27. I like number, er, 4? The brown one. Actually the colour looks pretty good on you, but it’s not exactly summer-wedding cheery.

    Courtney R

  28. Lots of great choices! I’m going to say dress 6.

  29. the short green one is really cute.

  30. My fave is the first pic in the second row! Short and strapless.

  31. Nimber 4 for sure.

  32. I LOVE #3 on you. You look so beautiful.

  33. Wordnerd is right!

  34. The strapless one. And you look stunning in all of them.

  35. three

  36. hmmm… i’m thorn between #3 and 4, you have lots of great choices!

  37. Yup – I still really like 3 & 4! You look fab in both

  38. I pick 3 🙂

  39. Two, THREE, or four are my favourites! You look gorgeous, regardless! ❤

  40. Fine – three!

  41. OK, wait, you changed the numbers. I need to clarify my vote, since when I said #1, I was going by the photo’s name in Flickr. So I’m still voting for the same dress, but in the photos above, it’s listed as #8. Make sense?

    Can’t wait to see which one you chose! Now I’m off to read other people’s guesses. What fun!

  42. THREE. Got that? THREE.

  43. I like 3 and 4 the best. They’re both very flattering styles on you, but 3 has a sort of throwback kind of feel to it, while 4 is more modern and classic looking at the same time.

  44. Well fine – if I have to pick just one I want to say 3, but my gut says you chose 4, so my guess is 4 (and no Gretchen didn’t give me any hints)

  45. My vote is for the dress that is now labeled as 3. 🙂

  46. I used the pic numbers, so my vote for dress6 is actually # 3 with the new numbers.

  47. OK, it’s Thursday morning … readers want answers! 🙂

  48. #3 Definitely.

  49. THREE!!!!

    (second down on the left)


    Chin up, shoulders back, exude that confidence that is the fabulousness that you are.

  50. Am I too late? I like 3 the best, you look so cute in it!

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