Posted by: Kate | July 22, 2010

Gratitude Comes in All Forms

I thanked Willem – and meant it – for letting me clean the kitchen tonight.  Letting me.  Because I know that he spent the whole time sitting in the living room just twitching and barely able to restrain himself from helping me – or, knowing the size of our little galley kitchen, kicking me out altogether.  Seriously, too, no joke… it’s very hard for him to let me do anything around the house, but he knows I need to both to get ready for the inevitable return to semi-reality when he goes back to work in the fall and for my own sake.  Because while I don’t get all aflutter and giggly at the mere thought of housework, it does feel good to be productive.

And speaking of productive, I waited until he was out of the house, delivering Jacob to a sleepover and then running assorted errands, before diving in and completely cleaning and rearranging our front room.  I truly wish I had taken before-and-after pictures, the change is so remarkable.  I’m certain he would have told me not to do it so soon after my most recent hospital discharge, but the level of clutter in there (mind you, this is where I keep my yarn and knitting supplies) was truly angst-inspiring, thanks to a frantic looking-for-beach-supplies-and-ignoring-Mom’s-directions extravaganza by Emily. It simply had to be dealt with, the sooner the better.

So, while it makes for a painfully boring blog post, I was productive and damn near normal today.  It’s quite an experience… enough so that Willem and I properly celebrated the baby’s bedtime and Jacob’s absence with… well.  Let’s just say he’s already in bed, exhausted, and I’m about to limp that way myself.  Amen.

Normal.  It’s not just for healthy people.


  1. Hooray for “normal”! (And maybe it’s in the air- I cleaned out half our basement this morning and gave the dogs baths while G. was asleep. I feel much better!)

  2. So nice to hear you sounding like yourself!! I hope you both have a good sleep and wake up refreshed for some more celebration! ;-P

  3. Yay for normal!!! 🙂

  4. Normal is AWESOME!!!! I am so glad to hear of something mundane happening in your world.

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