Posted by: Kate | July 20, 2010

Desperately Seeking Fashion

OK, you fashionable, lovely, knowledgeable people out there… please help.  I am throwing myself upon your mercy.  I beg you.  Help.

In less than a month, I will be standing by as Gretchen gets married.  As maid of honor, no less, and yes, I am honored.  I want to choose the right dress – because, being a sadist at heart, she has given me a color scheme but not picked out a frumpy, unattractive, unflattering lump of fabric… this means that I need to figure out my own style, knowing I’ll be towering above the rest of the (female) bridal party and I haven’t gone fancy-dress shopping since, well, my own wedding.

I’m a bit out of my depth.

I have fallen in love with one dress, which has gotten a preliminary style-related nod from The Woman in Charge: here.  I just love the length, and the sway of it… but it’s not in a cornflower blue, which is the only firm direction I have at this point.  This one’s not bad, either, and has passed muster both in style and color (it’s a bit too dark, but not so much so as to be disqualified).  I would, of course, abandon the little wrap that comes with it, because friend Barb has knitted me a simply gorgeous dove-gray lace shawl, which will play ever so nicely with a light blue of any shade.

Now, before you go all hog-wild with suggestions, let’s bear a few things in mind.  My abdomen is seriously messed up right now; it’s like a raised-relief map of the Rockies, and even though I’ll certainly be employing the assistance of undergarments intended to tame the extemes, I still can’t be wearing anything that is too form-fitting.  Even if I didn’t have a midsection designed by a crazed and malevolent cartographer, I still wouldn’t go all that form-fitting; not only am I 5’8″ and weigh enough to make a size-12 touch-and-go, size 14 more likely, but I’ve spent over a month this year in bed, with ongoing activity restrictions.  Not that I’m an exercise fiend under normal circumstances, but I would at least be somewhat more active… my enforced-sedentary life means I need a dressmaker who is generous with the fabric, y’know?

What I would really like is a dress resembling that first one, only in the correct size (the blue version would be fine), for the wedding, and something knee-length for the rehearsal.  And I suck at online shopping, unless it’s for books or toys, so I’ve spent hours online tonight and have come up with two, maybe three, viable options.  It’s pathetic,  I know.

So, please.  Help.



  1. Find someone who sews. The local dry cleaner is often a good source. Show the seamstress a picture of what you like. Take her advice about where to get fabric. It may cost a little more but it will fit.

  2. I LOVE the blue one!

  3. How about one of these?

  4. Why don’t you treat yourself to a frock made by a professional dressmaker? You’ve got time to find one and then they can alter / adapt for your height / abdomen as necessary.

    You deserve it!!!

  5. I’m facing a similar dilemma, my perfect SIL is getting married in a month, the girls will be standing up with her in the ceremony, I. have. no. idea. what. to. wear. Her colors are emerald green and ivory.. it has been far to long since I attended a really fancy wedding, I want mostly not to stick out like a sore thumb or embarrass myself or Wes, /sigh so no advice from here, just a omg I understand and maybe some after shopping commiseration…

  6. How do you feel about an empire waist? (the dress delineates just right under the bosom and is very loose fitting for the mid section). I would be looking for an empire waist with a square neckline. That look is flattering to almost any shape and size.

  7. I agree with ETW – empire waist is the way to go. Anything that fits at the waist will pooch the lower abdomen out. I found a few — take a look at these.

    Good luck – you’re gonna be gorgeous no matter what!

  8. does it have to be cornflower for the rehersal? i like this one:

  9. this one is similar ot the one you love, in blue:

  10. David’s Bridal has some that look similar to your first choice:

  11. mkay, I’m recommending Nordstroms and they seem to be having some good sales. Here’s a couple:

    2)or maybe this for the rehearsal:


    They have a ton of cute, rehearsal appropriate dresses. The blue is harder.

  12. ooh, ooh. one more:

  13. Oh I am having fun! How about this one?

  14. Oh, the Sophia dress Orata linked is lovely. It looks longer on the form than it does on the model-I’ll add my voice to the “go to a dressmaker and tell them you love this one” camp, and then you can get the length you want and the fit you need.

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