Posted by: Kate | July 19, 2010

Hidden Talents

Willem learned something new about me last night… which is always kind of a thrill, both just in the learning-new-things category and in the but-it’s-been-ten-years category.  One might start to imagine that two people would know each other pretty fully after a decade, not much left to figure out, and then, out from the ether, there pops your wife’s ability to sing every note in The Sound of Music, even though as far as you know she hasn’t seen it since you exchanged wedding vows.

(To be fair, I didn’t really know just how intact my memory would be, between ten years of disuse and recent memory …. but, it turns out, certain things are just crystallized within your neurons, and can be accessed and displayed perfectly intact even after years of inactivity.  I’m not exactly sure why my brain prioritizes the lyrics to “Do Re Me” over, say, the location of my current drinking glass, but clearly I remain on red-alert preparedness in case ever called upon to portray Liesl von Trapp at a moment’s notice.)

Makes me wonder what else he doesn’t know… I haven’t deliberately concealed anything, but I’m sure there’s a skill or two that just hasn’t yet unearthed itself.  And it makes me wonder what he’s still got up his sleeve. (I bet it has something to do with sequins and high heels… just a suspicion, and I’ll let him refute it, but he just strikes me as a man of unplumbed, yet sparkly, depths.)

Happily, I don’t think there are any truly unpleasant skeletons waiting to pop out, on either side of this closet.

In other closets, I have learned that my mother has increasingly nasty claustrophobia and hates driving through tunnels (awkward, given my proximity to Boston), and that she considers polka dots to be horrid, nasty little things which have no place on clothing for any age.  I’ve discovered a friend’s not-so-secret fangirl status for Eminem. And a male acquaintance prides himself on practically professional-level skills when it comes to changing a baby’s diaper, despite a marked lack of babies anywhere in his lifestyle in the past 25-some years.

How about you? What sorts of long-lost tidbits have surfaced about your loved ones over time?  Or are you just surrounded by a library full of open books, nary a shock to be had? (In which case, allow me to offer my sincerest condolences.)



  1. Oh, I love The Sound of Music. Her wedding dress, the music, the love story, it’s all so wonderful. No wonder you have it memorized.

  2. I can put on lipstick without using my hands. Oh, wait, that was in a movie…. 😉

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