Posted by: Kate | May 26, 2010

New and Bizarre Celebrations

Once upon a time, we celebrated the typical family-with-small-children sorts of things: successfully using the potty, school plays, a whole week without a new bruise or cut. Then life turned up-side-down in March, and suddenly the topics for celebration are new and unusual. Things like a day when I can get out of bed without sobbing, not overtly startling the kids with one of my surgical wounds, or today’s tidbit: finally having the very last bit of gangrenous tissue slough off from my toes, leaving me ready to heal without nasty black reminders of how close I came to amputation.

It’s just odd, really. Parenthood and family changes you a lot anyway, and major, long-term illness even more so. I knew this, and yet it surprises me to be quite so excited about random aspects of my recovery process. Emily came in to help me re-bandage the area, and it just generally became a family affair.

Someday, this will all be a distant memory. And one that doesn’t hurt quite so badly, anymore.


  1. HOORAY for a lack of gangrene! (Oh the sentences you never thought you’d type…)

  2. Goodbye gangrene, and good riddance!

  3. Perhaps a gift of flip flops is appropriate for this moment? Mazel tov!

  4. I think sandal shopping should be a part of this particular celebration! I am so glad to hear you are a little better every day!

  5. Yep. I haven’t been around for a while and j ust catching up, you’ve made a remarkable recovery and it’s wonderful. Thank your lucky stars!

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