Posted by: Kate | May 3, 2010

Like I’m Missing a Limb

My phone is broken.  It was a fluke accident, a perfect storm of idiocy: I was out for a walk with Isaac and Jacob (first time ever, actually, and aside from the telephone tragedy it was a lovely time with my boys), and had both my phone and a plastic water bottle full of ginger ale.  Neither fit well in the cupholder on the stroller’s handle, so both got tossed down into the basket underneath and forgotten.  Until I got thirsty, and discovered that the water bottle didn’t have a proper seal.

I should be able to get to a repair shop today; there’s an official Sprint store nearby.  But until then, I am incommunicado.  We don’t have a land line, so my phone is the sole means of contact.  I’m lost, adrift, silenced.  It’s frightening, really, how dependent I have become on this little chunk of metal.



  1. My cell phone has been missing for two weeks, now. And I’ve got to admit that I’m liking the disconnection.

    But then again, I do have a land line to rely on.

    But then again, again, I hate talkingon the phone anyway.

  2. Scary, Kate – especially since you’re still not fully back to “normal,” and you could need that little chunk of metal in an emergency.

    I’d be lost without my iPhone. It has replaced so many other objects & devices I’d normally carry like a daytimer, stopwatch, ICD-9, DSM, etc.

  3. Out for a walk – go Kate!

  4. The same thing happened to me a few years ago when I decided to go hiking. I put a bottle of orange juice and my cell phone in a waterproof pocket – the phone for obvious weather-related reasons and the juice because the bottle wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Well, the waterproof pocket held up well – I opened the pocket to find my cell phone floating in a pool of orange juice. I let it dry out for a few days and, other than the cloying citrus smell, was perfectly fine!

    Hang in there. You may actually find yourself enjoying the lack of cell phone availability!

  5. hope you could get it fixed or replaced….

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