Posted by: Kate | April 23, 2010

Normal? Feels Good.

OK, brace yourselves.  Make sure you’re sitting down and not in a position from which you would damage yourself if you were to fall over in a sudden, dead faint.  Be sure your blood sugar level is within normal limits and take a few deep breaths before proceeding.

Because today?  Was good.

Not OK. Not good enough. Just unqualified, unequivocally good.


Because it was normal. No amusement parks or concerts or big events. Just full of normal stuff, things I haven’t had in too long and never would have known to appreciate until I went a month and a half without them.

It didn’t start great. I overslept, which might be better for some aspects of my recovery – more sleep means more rest means more down-time for my body to do its thing, perhaps – but it means my back gets even stiffer than usual and I am late on the morning medications (including pain meds) and I wake up a bit disoriented and confused. Less than an hour later, my VNA nurse (Mary Ann, whom I adore and will miss when all this change-the-dressing nonsense is done, even though she can [and sometimes does] cause me unspeakable pain) arrived, and the VAC change was excruciating. I know why, though I won’t bother with the explanation now because it’s complicated. And knowing why didn’t make it feel any better.

So, none of that boded well for the day. But from there, things took off, and that right quick. And it was all just a series of simple, boring, normal stuff.

I washed my hair. I spent an hour in the car with Willem, to attend a doctor’s appointment and go to the pharmacy. We talked, as the walrus said, about cabbages and kings… kids and my health and his work and just stuff, nothing important and yet more important than anything else in the world. My appointment went well, meaning there were no surprises and everyone there was helpful and, wonder of wonders, listened to me.

From there, we ran a few quick errands, nothing much because I’m not up for much. We came home to a lovely dinner, prepared by my mother and already on the table, and children who were in good moods. Dinner itself contained the typical power struggles and interruptions and poor table manners, because somehow dinnertime seems to be what suffered the most during my absence, but we, collectively, came up with some new ideas to help the kids remember how not to be barbarians, so there is hope for change, someday…

And after dinner, I had the baby, Emily was just finishing a chore, and Willem was playing t-ball with Jacob in the backyard. I could have sat on the couch and held the baby and yawned, but instead I decided to put my shoes back on and take the 22 steps downstairs so that we could watch – and then join in on – the t-ball game. Isaac and I would both put our fingers on the bat, perhaps with my own grip a bit firmer than his, and swipe at the ball more like we were playing golf than baseball, but we would make the ball move, and then we would, slowly and ponderously but forward, walk the bases. Emily joined us outside, though her chosen role was to climb the tree and serve as sports announcer for our game. After four or five laps, I was tired, so we sat and watched.

After coming inside, I sat with Emily while she took her bath, and we had The Talk about menstruation and related Girl Things; she took it with appropriate interested/grossed-out-ness, and then we talked about dragons and school and softball. I soaked my feet in the tub while she bathed, and then I spent time in the bathroom… well, you don’t need details, but I’ll tell you that now I know, for sure, that I will not need any toes amputated, and after a few more soaks I won’t even have any black areas.

And now the kids are in bed, and I’m about to hold a sleeping baby and watch an episode of Hoarders with my mom, while Willem is at a friend’s for a much-needed Testosterone Experience, something involving hockey and beer.

It’s just good, all of this normal. Life, simple, everyday life, is good. I missed it terribly.


  1. This is such a wonderful thing to read. Still thinking of you and praying!

  2. Yeah Little Blessings and Simple Joys are some of the VERY BEST! {{{HUGS}}}

  3. MMMm…..I can smell the springtime grass, and the baby smell, and I’m going to send you a gift cert for a pedi when the time is right! Thanks for a great post! 🙂

    Baby steps…and this was one more in the string!

  4. You’ve come such a long way! I love the mental image of the family game in the backyard…so simple and yet so precious. Cheers to that!

  5. Kate if anybody’s ever needed a healthy dose of normal, it’s you.

  6. Good news all round. I’m glad things are returning to normal.

  7. It sounds like a positively LOVELY day, Kate. Normal is just divine, sometimes.

  8. hooray hooray hooray!! So glad to hear of the normal-ness!

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