Posted by: Kate | March 29, 2010

Rainy days and Mondays…

Gretchen here again…pasting a note I sent to the online forum Kate and I belong to…here’s a quick update written Sunday night.

hi all, just got home from a visit with Kate. She’s doing well with her rehab so far. Hasn’t started pt yet due to it getting pre-empted by a few things (blood transfusion, VAC change…). Tomorrow is another VAC change, so hopefully Tuesday she’ll have the PT consult. Her color is much better, and she is able to get herself to the bathroom and back without her walker! She has gotten to see Emily and Jacob both this weekend (one kid each day), but will be unable to see Isaac until she is home, or at least in a less medically intensive facility. (which may happen if she’s done with the VAC dressings before she’s met the PT goals).
She does have cell reception, but no wifi; that being said, Willem got her some kind of pay as you go internet device for her laptop, so she’ll have some connectivity, at least!
Tuesday is another consult with the wound specialist, so hopefully there will be a clearer timeline after that…can’t wait to find out!! (i’m sure she can’t either!)


  1. It sounds like everything is looking up. That makes my heart smile. Give Kate a hug and I’ll continue with prayers.


  2. Thanks for the update. Be strong Kate so you can get the Hell out of there. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the updates, Gretchen. You get the best friend of the year award, I think!

    Be strong and keep healing, Kate. We’re thinking of you…

  4. Oh Kate. I feel terrible that I somehow (how?!) missed all of this—I feel like I must’ve been in a bubble (or just wrapped a little too tightly in my life). I am so relieved to read that you are writing again and seem to be making the right kind of progress to get home to your babies. Just wanted to say how sorry I am that you went through this and that I’m sending you oodles and bucketfulls of good thoughts your way now. And hope you can start eating chocolate very soon.

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