Posted by: Kate | March 16, 2010

It’s been one week…

and Kate is now awake! She can’t talk yet, since she is still intubated, but she can respond to questions, etc, and says she is not in pain (hooray!). The drs continue to be impressed with her progress.  Isaac comes home soon, Kate’s mom will be out for a while to help around the house, which is wonderful.  More as I get it!



  1. HOORAY!!!! Go Kate Go!!!!! Can’t wait to read that she is on her way home!

  2. This is so exciting! Hurray, Kate! Hurray, pain-free! Hurray, Mom coming to help!

  3. Oh wow! Such great news!!

  4. This seriously brought tears to my eyes, and I am sure it has you all so revived and thankful! I knew Kate could beat this!!! I cannot wait to read words written by Kate herself….no offense Gretchen and Willem, you both have been so wonderful and strong…Kate is so lucky to have you both in her life. Keep the good news coming!!!!!

  5. Thank you for the wonderful update.

  6. I’m so happy and relieved!

  7. So glad to hear this! I’m sure she’s frustrated that she can’t talk, but a seriously huge YAY for no pain!!

  8. What a wonderful update!! Soon she’ll find a way to knit…

  9. Yay for good news! You guys have been in my thoughts all week and will stay there until Kate is feeling like herself again. Glad to hear you’ve got more help on the way as well.

  10. Joining in the chorus of ‘hoorays’!!!!! Keep up the good work, Kate!

  11. Yaaaaaay! Go Kate go!!!!!!!

  12. I have been rejoicing all night at this wonderful news! Kate, you are awesome. I hope and pray that you’ll continue to recover well and fast.

  13. That’s the best news I’ve heard in nearly forever. Keep getting better fast Kate!

  14. Awesome! Feel like it’s a win for us all. Thank you for the updates!!!!! GO KATE GO!

  15. Wonderful news. Phew! Thank you for the updates.

  16. Yay! Can’t wait to hear that everyone is well and in one place. What a week for you all!

  17. Wonderful news. She’s a tough woman.

  18. Wonderful news! Yeah Kate – keep on fighting!

  19. You go, girl!!! Keep up the good work, Kate — we expect to hear from you soon, m’kay?

    Hugs – lots & lots of ’em!

  20. YAY!!! keep it up Kate and get your butt home! 🙂

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