Posted by: Kate | March 11, 2010

Thursday AM update…

Kate was taken into surgery again this morning(2am or so…) due to some redness on her abdomen that was concerning. She is now out of surgery, the results of that were good, and her mom is with her. Now, we wait…


  1. Waiting sucks.

  2. Man she sure is going through a lot. My thoughts are with you guys.

  3. Enough already. I hope this is the end of this nonsense. Is the baby still in the hospital? Can she see him?

  4. I don’t know what to say. Every ounce of my being is thnking of you and hoping, wishing for your wellness.

  5. Still thinking about her. Hoping for good news soon.

  6. Is she conscious? Is she able to be with the baby? Do they know what caused her infection? Did she have a c-section? I am so worried about her…I am thinking of you Kate, and hoping for a quick recovery. Lots of love….

  7. Be better…. please?

  8. No profound words from me dearest Kate. I’m thinking of you, and missing your wit and insight on this one. Hurry up and get better.

  9. I’ve called out some major mojo on my various forums for you, Kate. I’m just thinking of you and sending love as hard as I can.

    Get better, sweetheart.

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