Posted by: Willem | March 10, 2010

No Words

Kate & Isaac – 3/6/10


  1. This seems like it calls for a great big sigh of relief.

    Hope everyone is feeling better, or will be soon. Hugs, you guys.

  2. Lisa, I believe that this photo was taken on Saturday. Kate, Isaac, Willem, Emily & Jacob still VERY MUCH need our prayers & positive thoughts!

    We love you Wallingas! Beautiful photo of mother & son – hope they’ll be together again soon!! xo

  3. Yes – sorry for the confusion. This, unfortunately, is a before photo. It was taken on Saturday night during Kate’s first snuggle with Isaac.

  4. so precious, sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts to all of you. Hope to see pictures like this soon that are more recent.

  5. What a beautiful photo! I am praying so hard for all five of you, but especially for Kate’s health and recovery. I can’t believe she is having to endure this (well, you all are …) and I hope she recovers quickly. Hugs and love to you ALL!

  6. Ah, well, darn it. It did seem like a pretty quick recovery. *sigh*

    Please keep us posted.

  7. Beautiful picture Willem! I have sent out emails galore for every person I know who can/will pray for your wonderful family. Honestly if you need anything know many of us are here waiting to help just not sure how…LOVE AND HUGS!

  8. No words…only prayers coming your way from California. Thoughts are with you all 24/7.

  9. You are all in our thoughts and prayers.

  10. Just sending lots of love your way, guys. I hope this scary time is over for you all very soon.

  11. Ugh. All I could do is cry when I saw this photo yesterday. I hope to God Kate and Isaac are back snuggling together as soon as possible.

  12. Thinking of you guys – hope both Kate and Isaac are recovering well. .

  13. Beautiful photo. I hope that everything is starting to go a little more smoothly and that Kate & Isaac are doing better.
    Best of luck, and here’s hoping for a speedy recovery so you can all go home together to enjoy the new addition to your family!

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