Posted by: Kate | March 9, 2010

An unexpected turn…

Hi all,

Gretchen here again; while we were all hoping Kate would be updating the blog on her own by now, that is unfortunately not in the cards just yet.  She has been admitted to MGH with a severe infection. She is currently in surgery, and as soon as she is out and I know more, I’ll keep you all posted.

Isaac, Jacob and Emily are all doing fine, keep them, Kate and Willem close in your thoughts right now…they’ll need all the good mojo they can get.

ETA:  Ok, surgery over, Kate is sedated and resting as comfortably as they can make her.  Her pulse and bp looked much better post op than they had pre-op, which is a good sign.  The surgeons say we’re not out of the woods yet, but they at least think they found the source of the infection, and have removed it, and thus now just have to battle the effects of the sepsis. Keep those vibes coming, we need ’em!


  1. Oh dear…Gretchen thank you so much for keeping us updated…
    Lots of thoughts and prayers heading their way!

  2. THank you for keeping us posted. I’m keeping the family in my thoughts.

  3. Thanks for the update. All the best Kate, my thoughts are with you.

  4. My thoughts are with all of you.

  5. Thanks for keeping us posted, hugs to Kate and Willem, I hope Kate has a quick recovery. (((hugs)))

  6. Oh no! Thinking of all of you. Let me know if there’s anything I can do as I’m pretty close by….

  7. Thinking of you Kate!

  8. My thoughts & prayers are with you Kate!

  9. May all go better soon! I send good vibes that Kate will return home safely and recovering!

  10. Prayers and thoughts are with you. Let us know as soon as possible please.

  11. Sending thoughts and prayers!

  12. Kate, I’m so sorry to hear this! My prayers and positive thoughts are with you all, and I wish you a fast, easy recovery.

  13. HUGE HUGS to all of you. My thoughts and prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and nothing but happiness, health, and peace to enjoy time with Isaac ahead.

  14. Oh Kate, I am praying for you, my heart hurts so bad to read this. I knew when there werent any updates on Facebook something was wrong. You can fight this infection…I know you can. I cant wait to read your first post after becoming a mother of 3 and kicking infection butt. I am here thinking of you and your family, you are all loved. Updates please, as we are all worried. Thanks. All my love, Kelly

  15. Oh, no. Kate et al, my thoughts are with you. Stay strong.

  16. Ack! Thanks for the update Gretchen…my thoughts and prayers are with Kate and the family.

  17. All the positive thoughts I have are winging their way towards you Kate!

  18. God this girl goes through a lot. Fingers crossed and loads of well wishes and good vibes. thanks for keeping us in the loop Gretchen, you’re a great friend to Kate. Please give her my love and best wishes.

  19. Yikes. Thanks for the update. Kate will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers. xo

  20. Oh my goodness!!! Many, many, many, many PPT to Kate and Willem.

    Out, damn infection!

  21. My prayers are with the whole family. I’m so sorry to hear about this!

  22. Thanks so much for keeping us posted, Gretchen. My thoughts and prayers are with Kate. Hugs to all.

  23. Thinking of Kate and the family.

  24. Hugs, prayers, and good thoughts coming from Ohio, too! We look forward to hearing of your recovery and more about your precious new little one!

  25. Sending good thoughts your way, Kate and family. Please get well.

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