Posted by: Kate | February 27, 2010

Bed Rest FAIL

I am really, really bad at this bed rest thing.

I’m not out running a marathon or even doing laundry. My heart rate never increased. But I also just did a terrible job of lying still with my feet up for more than an hour or so at a time.

I just keep thinking of new things to do… just a little task, like printing something out or grabbing a drink, and while I know that my loving husband (who is back in my good graces following the inevitable post-argument rehash and meta-discussion, in which we talk about how we talked the first time, and now we’re back on level ground again – a good thing, too, because I really did not want to have to sort out any ambivalence about whether I truly wanted him in the delivery room…) or devoted children would happily help, I just haven’t developed the habit of asking.

So I haul myself up, do whatever it is that boosted me up in the first place, and then I think of three other little things to do, and suddenly it’s 45 minutes later and I’m still wandering around the apartment.

Which is really not the right decision, because my poor, svelte little ankles are a thing of the past:


Tres sexy, no?

Other than my toes bearing a startling resemblance to a package of mini-sausages, I’m feeling pretty good. I had a strange, not-quite-migraine headache for a few days last week, but otherwise am muddling along pretty well. Of course, my back is screaming at me in several different languages throughout the day, but that just proves that there was a reason I was on pain medication in the first place, and I can have an affectionate, heartfelt reunion with it after I give birth.

I’ve just passed the 35-week mark, and am expanding rapidly enough that Emily wasn’t quite able to fit all of me into the frame when she took the eight-month photo. (I don’t notice the swelling in my face in the mirror each day, but I’m definitely attaining spherical dimensions on film.)


She just barely had the chance to grab this shot before the camera battery died, so we’ll try again tomorrow.

And, alas, since I’m not having the slightest twinge of labor symptoms, it’s not looking like I’ll have a February baby. March works fine for me, and the earlier the better…


  1. I don’t blame you. There is always a task needs doing and it’s just so much easier to do than dictate.

    However, I noticed that when I was laid up with the ankle I physically couldn’t.

    So what do we learn from this? well, I guess you could always tape marbles to the bottom of your feet for a few hours and at least that’ll remind you to keep off your feet.

    […and then I’ll upload a picture of the little garden cart I appropriated to wheel me around! lol]

  2. It’s SO hard to be stuck in bed. I was there for 9 weeks when having preterm labor issues with my son. You just don’t get IT if you haven’t been there. It’s hard…and mind numbing…and frustrating…and humbling to be so stuck.

    I didn’t have wifi and blogs to entertain me back then. But I did watch every episode from start to finish of Dawson’s Creek that summer, lol.

    Hang in there. The end result is definitely worth it!

  3. It is so hard to do! I had horrible swelling with Sarah. With high blood pressure issue from 10 wks till the end. My ankles/feet swelled so badly that it hurt to walk and I swore my toes were gonna just shoot right off my feet. Not fun!

    Hang in there! You look fantastic!!!

  4. Hang in there…. Hopefully the babe will stay put long enough for you to have a well-deserved massage in a few days. Maybe that’d help with the swelling too?

  5. Oh, your poor ankles!

    I’m making myself sit still for 30 minutes each day – no popping up to do anything for 30 minutes. It’s terribly hard for just that short period of time. So I can’t imagine how hard all day must be.

    Hang in there.

  6. Oh, dear! Take care, and keep your butt on the couch!

  7. And now the fun begins!! Hurry up and wait.

    Here’s hoping you see this little one soon!

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