Posted by: Kate | January 20, 2010

Calling in the Professional

Suddenly, this pregnancy is 3/4 done.  I’m not desperately miserable and pathetically ready to be done… yet… mostly because I’ve had another appointment with the OB and the pain specialist, have an increase in one medication and an added second one for as-needed, and thus am not wallowing in that daily misery.  I’m ambivalent about this: I’d prefer to be stronger, able to manage it on my own, blah blah blah, but on the other hand it’s a lovely thing to know that a temporary solution is within reach on the bad days.

But anyway, so, that’s good for now.  And aside from the back pain, the pregnancy has been smooth and easy and lovely and fun, and I’m still in the mostly-enjoying-this phase.  With Emily, I never got out of that phase; when I went into labor, at 35 weeks, one of my primary emotions was pissed, because I wasn’t done being pregnant yet.  So unfair.  With Jacob, I had complication after complication, and by 34 weeks or so I would lie on the couch and yell at my stomach, “Get.  Out!”  He made his appearance at 36 weeks and I was so, so grateful to be done.  Assuming things remain on-track, here, I can handle another six weeks of this, though I am already mentally rehearsing the begging/tantrum that I will display in order to be induced at 37 weeks if I haven’t gone into labor on my own by then.


One of the big differences between this pregnancy and prior ones is that I went in with the mindset that it is probably going to be my last time on this particular roller coaster.  (I’m not quite ready to commit to it definitely being the last time, but even without the extra chronic pain games, Willem was ready to be done after we had Jacob; convincing him that a third baby was a good idea was no mean feat.)  Assuming that it does end up being my last case of testosterone poisoning, I’m trying to make sure I do all of the cute – even, cutesy – pregnancy things that I generally let slide before.  Things like regular prenatal massage, and making plans to let the kids finger-paint (maybe even make a plaster cast of) my belly when I think I’m close to term.

And I’m planning to head to New York next weekend, to visit with Lisa and her family.  Lisa, with whom I’ve been online-friends and even in-real-life-friends for just about six years, and who also happens to be a photographer.  I want to get a set of professional, somewhat artistic, pregnancy photographs taken, and all the better if it can be done by someone I know and like.  (I still harbor a vague distaste for the guy who did my high school senior portraits and – coincidentally – also did our wedding photos.  He did a good enough job, both times around, but something about his personality always left me feeling just a little unpleasant afterward.)

Here’s where you come in.  She has asked, in advance, for some ideas about particular poses or other pregnancy photos out there that I like.  And I’m largely drawing a blank.

The whole reason we’re calling in a professional is that the best I can come up with, pregnancy-documentation-wise, is the typical sideways belly shot, as above.  Willem also got a shot of Jacob-plus-belly tonight that I like…

…but that’s about where my creativity runs out.  I can take decent photos, to capture events or people, but I tend to go blank when asked to come up with different poses or styles of photos.  So, I thought I’d throw myself upon the mercy of the Internet.  Got any ideas out there?  Can you provide examples, preferably in the form of links, of pregnancy photographs that you found particularly interesting/beautiful/noteworthy?

Please note, I will not be doing any nude portraiture… there are limits to just how much I will impose upon a friend, plus it’s just not my style.  I doubt very much that I will even have any bare-skin belly shots, because I have not been blessed with the perfect, smooth skin that some women possess. And I will have both kids and Willem with me, so group shots are on the roster, in some form, as well.

So.  Help.  Please.



  1. Yay!! 🙂

    I’m assuming I can play, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    And I love this one:

    Only, I don’t have a lake handy. 😦

    And, FYI, I can do magical things with Photoshop. Even just the right conversion to black and white can do wonders to make you feel better about your belly skin.

    (And OMG when did your Jacob go from little cheruby boy to bona fide KID?)

  2. I have a good friend that does photos, look through her gallery for ideas, one I like is where they tie a ribbon around your belly and tie a bow on your belly button. She has one like that…here is a copy of her site, she is awesome, I think you will love some of them. I love your belly, wish I could feel the baby move, my all time favorite feeling!

    See galleries: Portraits, “New Life” Let me know what you think!

  3. I agree with Lisa Jacob definitely hit the kid look…ugh does that mean mine probably did too?!

    I know you don’t want the nude shots or bare belly but in B&W I think they all look spectacular even if you wear black yoga pants with a black/dark bandeau top. (remember those stretch marks, scars and what not are badges of honor.)
    I was so huge when I was pregnant that I wished I had taken more pics and took the time for a real photography session…just to remember those moments (when I say huge I had the most pregnant belly you could imagine.)

  4. Here is another site, another good friend. Look under galleries and “A whole new world” I love her work, mainly newborns and babies (she specializes in weddings) but she is awesome!

  5. How about the kids and Willem’s hands on your belly? Maybe yours, too? I’m no photographer, so I’m not sure how that would work, but I like the idea of them holding the baby before it’s born. Or, to go even cheesier, maybe them all kissing your belly?

  6. I wish I had done that sort of thing with my own pregnancies… Um – Jacob? So handsome!! I can’t believe how grown up he looks in that photo!!

  7. Lawd … as much as I love professional photography, you’d think I’d have more to contribute on this subject! I never did pregnancy photos either. Of others I’ve seen, I think my favorites are just candid shots that the photographer happens to catch – a child with his ear up against your belly, or everyone laughing and looking at each other … but not posed at all. Does that make any sense? I can’t wait to see the pictures – I hope you’ll share them with us!

  8. The cutest one I’ve seen uses little alphabet blocks to spell out “Baby” on the belly. You could even do it with each member of your family holding one block. If you’ve chosen a name, you could spell out the name as well.

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