Posted by: Kate | December 24, 2009

Another Step Toward “Husband of the Year”

He bought eggs.

It’s the smallest thing, right?  But so sweet.  It was December 22, and Willem went out to mail our Christmas cards and do some shopping.  He was on the way home, when I called him to ask him to stop at a specific store to buy a specific thing – which required him to turn around and backtrack a few miles.  He did so without complaint, even when it turned out that buying what I wanted wasn’t so simple and he had to leave empty-handed.

He then fought rush-hour/shopping traffic and stopped by the grocery store for milk… and while he was in the store, he remembered that he had seen me move several sticks of butter from the freezer to the fridge.  I hadn’t told him I would be baking, but he figured I wasn’t just having a craving or something, and he remembered that we only had one egg left.  So he picked up a dozen eggs, as well.

It’s hard for me to explain why this is a big deal, because it’s not big by most measures.  But he has been so frazzled and tired and end-of-semester stressed and preoccupied with some family drama and generally at the end of his tether, and so for him to be able to think those extra couple of steps out and bring home eggs, unasked, was just the sweetest thing.


  1. Very sweet!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  2. Were they cage free?

    I’M KIDDING! I love it. Merry Christmas to you guys!

  3. Merry Christmas Emily, Jacob, Kate & Willem!! It’s the smallest things that matter the most!!

  4. Wow. Yes, he’s amazing. Says the woman who realized she’d run out of bread and couldn’t make stuffing without it. Not having to go out in that crazy shopping madness, particularly while pregnant? That’s wonderful.

    Merry Christmas to you, Willem, and the kids!

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