Posted by: Kate | November 26, 2009


How is it possible to go to Paris, while pregnant, and lose weight??

I don’t understand it, but it’s what happened. I’m down a pound from last month’s OB-GYN appointment. So, so strange, because when not wandering around foreign capitals I’m leading a fairly sedentary life, and I’m certainly not making the faintest effort to diet. Ah, well. They’re not concerned, since all of my belly-measurements are right where they should be and the baby’s heartbeat is stable, all my labs have been within normal limits, blah, blah. So I won’t be concerned, either… just a bit weirded out.

I’m certainly putting on belly, if not poundage (these were taken 2 weeks ago):


And apparently I look even bigger, from a Jacob’s-eye view:


The pregnancy continues to just slide by, smoother than smooth. I can’t begin to express how strange that feels – or how much of a relief – after the constant stress and worry that was Jacob’s pregnancy. My only consistent worry is my back pain… at this point, I’m still taking fairly high-powered pain meds, with the blessing of multiple doctors, but right after Christmas I’ll be going off them, on the theory that if the baby has developed a dependence it’s better to slowly bring it through withdrawal in utero. I’m not thrilled at the idea of wincing through the winter months here, and I know that I have developed a physical dependence on the medication because when I went to New York City in September, I forgot my meds and was miserable by about 36 hours in. But at the same time, knowing just how uncomfortable that was only strengthens my resolve to discontinue the medication, slowly and carefully and under medical supervision, because I cannot, will not, put an infant through that. Birth seems uncomfortable enough – have you ever seen just how much newborns need to sleep in those first few days, just to recover? – without adding to it.

But that’s over a month away, and no need to borrow trouble. For now, all is well…



  1. You look wonderful. Pregnancy suits you.

  2. Kate, you are beautiful!! The pound loss is probably just due to all that extra walking you did while away. So glad things are going smoothly this time!!

  3. Clearly you did not eat enough pastries 🙂 But seriously, I’m sure your back thanks you for not putting on the extra weight! You look great!

  4. I also lost weight in Paris — in spite of having the cheese platter just about every day and stopping by pastry shops. It’s all that walking around, I’m guessing. Plus, you’re walking around with a whole other person strapped to your stomach! Now that’s a workout.

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