Posted by: Kate | November 25, 2009

Le Snore

I made it home safely, after a very long day of travel. A cab picked us up at our hotel in Paris at 4:00 in the morning, Paris-time, and I walked in my front door around 9:00 at night, Boston-time. Factor in a 6-hour time change, and it was an extraordinarily long day.

But good, really, and I’m glad I went… but at the same time, gladder that the trip wasn’t any longer. It’s hard work, traveling, regardless of the circumstances, and the combination of my back issues, the pregnancy, and the fact that I kind of suspect my mother and I are actually speaking different languages and we just don’t realize it… it all adds up to more work than usual, and my mind is almost as tired as my body. Right now I’m just struggling to stay awake for another few hours; I already got the kids on the bus this morning, and am supposed to head in to watch Jacob’s class play in a while, and then bring both kids home at 11:00, because God forbid they have a full day of school on my first day back.

It was nice to be missed, here. It sounds as though the kids behaved beautifully for Willem, and that he behaved beautifully for them, so I did not come home to a house in shambles and snotty attitudes all around… they just have all realized that single-parent households are much, much harder to live in, and not just for the parents. I came home to lots of hugs and jumbled stories and bright eyes, and that makes the immediate necessity that I do my laundry (everyone else’s magically did itself while I was away, so I do have that to be grateful for), along with the various other immediate demands of daily life, far less irritating. It’s good to know you’re needed, and to know that your normal activity fills an important niche.

OK. Rather than blathering incoherently here – because if I haven’t come across as entirely jumbled and sleep-deprived and stupid so far, that’s just sheer luck – I’m going to go find something mindless to read, and lie down a little until it’s time to head to the kids’ school. And just to be on the safe side, I’ll set an alarm…



  1. Welcome home, I’m glad you had a good trip AND that you didn’t come home to a disaster!

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