Posted by: Kate | October 29, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

I’d forgotten one of the oddest side effects of pregnancy: very vivid, realistic dreams, lifelike enough that I end up confused, the next day, trying to figure out whether such-and-such actually happened.

Sometimes they’re mundane, and other times it’s clear that Freud has crawled into my head and is tapping into my deeper fears, desires, etc… such as, the recurring dream that Willem died very suddenly, disturbing enough that I had to get up and walk around each time to try and dispel the dream before I risked sleeping again (and even so, I had the same dream three times; each time starting at slightly different points or in slightly different settings so that I was well into the dream before I realized it was the same thing all over again).  Or this morning’s dream, in which we were at some sort of command-performance sort of family event and I finally stopped being polite to my in-laws.  That one was a lot more fun.

From what I can recall from the other kids, these dreams are likely to continue through the third trimester, and then will disappear into the fog of newborn sleep-deprivation.  I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one this happens to; I seem to recall others talking about similar sorts of experiences, but the last time I was this pregnant was over five  years ago, and I’m regularly astonished at how much I’ve forgotten.

So… is it a common thing?  Or just one more bit of proof that I’m slowly losing my mind?  (Or… both?)



  1. Oh, I have those. All the time. Sometimes they feature zombies and mobsters, other times they feature A. getting it on with someone that’s not me. Once in a while it involves losing my dogs or cat. They really aren’t great. Although, two nights ago I did dream that A. could feel the baby moving and had to ask him in the morning if it had actually happened.

  2. When I was pregnant with my first, 40 years ago, I had a dream that I lived in a sod house and gave birth to a plate of clams. When I got upset I was told “Some people have babies, some have clams.” It still bothers me. Hormones do strange things.

  3. I had them too. More with Izzy than Cal. Don’t remember any content now though.

  4. No pregnancy dreams but I’ve always had incredibly vivid dreams. Then, Zoloft happened and OMFG they were in Imax, 3D, and more languages than I speak!

    Boy does it help to have light sleepers who can wake you when you’re crying out in your nightmare!

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