Posted by: Kate | October 27, 2009


By virtue  of being knocked up, I got to jump the wait-list and get an H1N1 vaccine yesterday.

I’m lucky.  The kids are at the front of their own wait-list line, but there are no vaccinations available at their pediatrician’s office yet.  I get to call once a week to check in, and will have to basically scoop them up and rush them in whenever they do appear.  Willem has gotten neither the seasonal flu shot nor the H1N1, so I’ve been calling our PCP, pharmacies, the college he teaches at and the college he’s finishing his dissertation at… so far, to no avail.  Weekly check-ins there, until I find someone willing to poke him with a needle.

So, I’m lucky.

I’m trying hard to remember this, because today, in honor of my swine flu vaccine, I feel like swine.  Just achy, and low-grade feverish (I doubt it would even register on a thermometer, were we to own such a thing, but my skin feels crawly and I’m running warm, I’m coughing, just blech.  Not bad, and it took me until mid-afternoon to figure out that it could be related to the vaccination… before that, I was wallowing, a bit, because I know I stayed up too late working last night, but I shouldn’t be quite this exhausted, and there was no reason for my back to be quite this sore.  Somehow there’s a relief in being able to blame it on a one-time thing, instead of worrying that this is just a new and long-term status.

(Did I mention, I’m also feeling whiny?  Oh, you already noticed?)




  1. Five of us have appointments to get it on November 5th. Olivia gets hers at the allergist’s office (because she’s anaphylactic to eggs) on Saturday – that’s right, Hallowe’en! Oh, and the day before her birthday…

    We might as well write those off right now!

  2. I am so glad you were able to get the vaccine. I was worried about you.

    We’re not getting the vaccine becase Ella, Brandon and I have all had it and all the others have already been super exposed and didn’t come down with it.

    But we’ve all had the regular flu shot except for Lily, and I need to get her to the doc immediately.

    Hope you feel better.

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