Posted by: Kate | October 27, 2009

A One-Eyed Compromise

I think I’ve figured out how to solve my “to peek or not to peek” dilemma.  I’ll tell the technician, and the doctor, and anyone else within earshot, that we don’t want to know… but during the ultrasound, I’ll pay attention, and see if I can figure it out on my own.  I won’t ask for confirmation, or a money-shot photo to bring home and compare on the Internet, so I’ll still hold a fairly large possibility of being wrong… but it’ll be easier than turning away and missing some of the ultrasound.

So, it’s semi-peeking… like covering your eyes through a scary movie, and then peeking through your fingers anyway.  Compromise makes the world go ’round, right?

And in other pregnancy news… I have no news.  Week 17 appointment today, had my new-and-improved April 5 due date confirmed, was told that the chances of this baby having Down Syndrome are lower than my chances of marrying a supermodel, received congratulations on textbook-perfect bloodwork results, and confirmed a still-minimal weight gain for the pregnancy as a whole, just one pound so far.    Perfect, strong baby heartbeat, and the nurse midwife’s initial skepticism when I told her I was feeling fetal movement was squelched when the baby gave her a firm nudge as she did a quick nudge-around to check for uterus size, or whatever they check for (it’s a mystery to me; I can never feel any internal organs until I start having Braxton-Hicks contractions, but somehow they can).

I really, really prefer boring pregnancies to eventful ones.


  1. A friend of mine did a really cool thing for her most recent pregnancy…..They had the technician put the sex of the baby in an envelope and they sealed it. They took it to a local bakery, who made a cake with the inside pink/blue. They then had a party at a park. They didn’t know the sex until they cut into the cake. It was fabulous and so much fun! I know that you aren’t interested in finding out, but I thought it was such a cool way to celebrate the coming of the baby.

  2. I was going to suggest the envelope thing, and then you and Willem could open it together on Christmas or another special occasion. (Or the instant you leave the office if you have my amount of patience.) Cheesy but cute, IMO. I will be so interested to hear your theories!! When is the “big” ultrasound?

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