Posted by: Kate | October 16, 2009

A Few Minor Miracles



It’s actually a dual miracle, which means I should probably (a) get this framed, and (b) never leave the house again because it seems like tempting fate. Because not only is it a fairly decent license photograph – taken in one try, no less (it never occurred to me that this was noteworthy until I watched a woman insist on eight different photographs before she would accept one) – but it is ON MY MASSACHUSETTS DRIVER’S LICENSE. Which means I now, finally, have a Massachusetts driver’s license.

Only took two months and four visits to the RMV. Piece of cake.

I also, as a rider to the wonder of the license, have a Salem resident parking sticker and guest parking passes. All of which were obtained within the space of about 20 minutes, including a 15-minute drive between the RMV and City Hall. I really, really would have been OK with things going just that smoothly right from the start, but we’ll try and just focus on the end results, shall we?

And, just because it was on my camera and recently uploaded, this month’s pregnancy photo… I don’t feel like I’m expanding all that much, until I compare it to the prior two months, and realize, hey, look at that!




  1. Congratulations on your license – finally! Whoa, there goes you waist…:)

  2. Sending you virtual belly rubs!! I was pregnant with Sarah five years ago when I had my last DL photo taken and was sort of nostalgic about getting a new one taken this year when my license expired…

  3. You look great in both photos and whoo-hoo for finally, finally getting done with the DMV!

  4. A baby bump – you look great!

  5. Well your license photo looks a damn lot nicer than mine. I look like I’m in the lockup. Nice baby bump although have to admit . .I’m kinda over all that. I like them now when they’re old enough to buy me a birthday breakfast!

  6. You look fantastic! And that has got to be one of the most flattering license photos I’ve ever seen. You actually look like yourself, not like the strung-out-on-drugs-ought-to-be-in-jail-or-a-hospital version of yourself.

  7. You look lovely – all glowy!

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