Posted by: Kate | October 13, 2009

A Letter to Our Neighbors

I’d like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation.  Thus far, you have really been exemplary neighbors: just friendly enough to be approachable, without being all up in our business.  Just loud enough to prove that you’re human, without being disruptive or disturbing.  I know that you’re willing to give a hand, if we needed something heavy moved or were short a cup of sugar, and I know that you’re willing to ask if, say, you run out of duct tape in the middle of an A/C installation.  It’s a good setup, and I am loathe to do anything to upset that balance.

This change we’re about to implement to our household, in the big picture, it’s supposed to be a good thing.  So please bear with us if, in the interim, it makes you a little bit insane.  Please believe that it will make us at least equally insane, since it will be happening right here in our own home.

They say it will improve her verbal, math, reasoning and spatial skills.  None of which are problem areas, at the moment, but we could all stand a little improvement, right?

They say it will enhance her social skills, both in terms of teamwork and in terms of relating to a larger audience.  One can never have too much empathy, right?

They say that the process of daily exposure and practice will teach her patience.  I have yet to meet someone who is overburdened with patience.  Right??

They say there are any number of other benefits, as well, and underlying it all is the simple fact that this is something she wants to do.  I think it’s hugely important to encourage it, right from the start, even if it means times of horrible noises.  Truly awful squawks, atonal wanderings, blasts that sound as though they are heralding the end of the world.  Someday – probably not until long after we have moved out – the sounds that come out will be lovely, pleasant things.

And, in the meantime, please accept my sincere apologies for any ear-offending sounds which escape our apartment.


The New Trumpet Player’s Mom


P.S.  We’re also expecting a baby in the spring.  I figure, the trumpet noises can only serve to deaden your nerve endings, so the occasional sound of a newborn cry will barely even register by the time March rolls around…


  1. Heh. We went through three years of OBOE.

    Wishing you all the luck in the world.

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  3. My son took up trumpet last year. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the dying goat noises turned to actual music. Hang in there!

  4. WTG Emily!! I was a trumpet player too! Mind you, we have a drummer living in our B&B now. Perhaps I should have written a note like that for our guests!!

  5. As soon as I read the line about practice teaching her patiencs, I thought, “Oh my gosh, Emily’s joining the band!” I was close, huh? And she’s picked out one of the loudest instruments – way to go, Emily! (All kidding aside, I love instrumental music and wish her all the luck in the world!!)

  6. I think you should actually give this to your neighbors. If I received it, I would be much more patient – and I’m already pretty patient about stuff like that. Just don’t wake me up at night.

  7. OHMIGOSH!! Emily’s joined the ranks of those of us proud to call ourselves band nerds!? YAAAYY! Welcome to the family Emily! I played flute & piccolo but had more fun in band than in all the other school organizations combined. We went on the best trips, went to all the football games – and then there’s marching the halftime show! *bliss* Do find a marching competition some Saturday at some random high school football stadium in the next couple of weeks so she can see what it’s all about. Usually they’re not more than a couple of bucks’ admission and are great fun to attend!

  8. Ha! Maybe a batch of muffins is in order.

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