Posted by: Kate | October 8, 2009

We Really Are

I sent this video to Willem this morning, with the subject line, “I have no idea what they’re talking about.”

But, honestly… they’re totally right.

I try hard to remember that the rest of the world is not quite as focused on my uterus as I am, and thus to find other things to gripe and obsess about here, or update Facebook with, or otherwise structure conversations around.  But I have a constant low-grade baby-awareness feed running through my head, and last night it only got worse, because I am positive I felt the baby move – both internally and with my hand on my stomach.

I think I’ve been feeling it for a week or two, actually, but didn’t let myself admit it because all of the pregnancy books – bastards – and websites – charlatans – insist that I really couldn’t be feeling any movement before 16 weeks (I’m a few days shy of 15 right now).  “It’s probably just your intestines,” they proclaimed, and so I’d lower my head and go about my day.  But seriously, if my intestines can do a full-body barrel roll, followed by a distinct kick-and-twist sort of dance move, I should be seeing a gastroenterologist, or perhaps seeing if there are any Aliens-type films that need extras, because there’s something decidedly unusual going on in there.

So after a straw poll, of my 200 closest friends on Facebook (half of whom I wouldn’t recognize on the street, but we’re likethis, man) and on a message board, I’ve decided, screw the books.  I’ve been this pregnant twice before, and I know what that feeling is.  I’m certain I didn’t feel Emily move until I was about 19 weeks along, and for Jacob it was just shy of 18,  but this one has at least a month’s jump on them.  Admittedly, I’m about 15 pounds lighter than I was at this point with Jacob, so maybe that contributes.  I dunno.

So, smug?  Yeah, though I try most of the time to keep it more at “serenely preoccupied” than “snotty and superior.”



  1. Honey this is also not your first rodeo so to speak. You already knew what baby movement felt like. It’s a feeling like no other – and one I don’t think a mother can ever forget. Not only that, but maybe this one is just more active than the other two. At any rate, enjoy your expanding uterus and its new tricks, haha.

  2. I missed the poll (can’t get on FB) but I’d say you know what you’re talking about, so kick on baby, kick on. And I laughed my ass off at that song – thanks!! 🙂

  3. I’m absolutely obsessed with my baby right now–I think “they” say it’s normal, but I wish I could just stop thinking about it, it’s making these last few weeks feel like eternity. Might help if I weren’t still sick, and so tired that I can’t stay awake. I think I’m less smug and more desperate. As far as feeling the baby move, I’ve heard many, many women say they feel it that early. I think I did too, but like you, because all the books say you can’t, I wouldn’t admit it until a couple of weeks later. I don’t like giving my OB/Gyn any more reason to roll his eyes at me.

  4. Been a while since I felt the kick inside but yeh! Pregnant women are definitely smug! Brilliant vid.

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