Posted by: Kate | October 5, 2009

Groundhog Day

Have you seen that movie?  Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, same day happens over and over and over again?

I was thinking last night, about how there are some days that I would be OK with reliving ad nauseum.  Not necessarily the big-event, headline, exciting days, because it seems like that would be exhausting and because a lot of the thrill of those is the once-in-a-lifetime edge to them.  But the days when everything just goes right, with enough of the extras to make it a step beyond ordinary without being overwhelming… repeating something like that would be just fine.

Yesterday at least gets a nomination, in that respect.  I got up early, because lately that’s what I do every day (though a large portion of the time I end up back in bed by mid-morning, the initial getting-up happens early).  Willem made chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast, and had cleaned the kitchen the night before.  The kids cleaned their room, helped clean the bathroom, and generally tidied around the apartment with a minimum of fuss and whining.  He took them grocery shopping while I stayed home to make spaghetti sauce, take a nap, and shower (consecutively, not simultaneously).  Then I picked up pregnant-friend J at the train station and we went for prenatal massages, which was beyond wonderful and relaxing and lovely – appointments have already been made for November and December.

Afterward, J came back here, and her husband joined us for dinner.  Homemade sauce, a simple salad, and thrown-together brownies, so the fare was simple but it all came out well.  The kids were beyond excited to have a new audience, and they did their level best to monopolize our guests’ attention, but after a while they figured out that they were facing the alternatives of “listen to parents” or “instant banishment,” and they opted for Choice A.  After dinner, Willem and J’s husband adjourned into the living room to watch football and make manly noises, while J and I stayed in the dining room and solved the problems of the world, while the kids went through their bedtime routines as though there weren’t several opportunities to get distracted and obnoxious.  (And that bit about Willem enjoying J’s husband, that’s a big deal – I’ve had a horrible track record in finding friends whose partners are minimally interested in sports and beer and able to carry on conversations about said topics, so the fact that this guy brought – and left – beer, and was happy to sit and watch football and quote Pulp Fiction makes the evening just that much more successful.)

They went home at a reasonable time, given work demands and such, and I was in bed before 9:00.  Not necessarily a Perfect Day, because if I was going to repeat a day ad infinitum I’d want contact with several other friends and family members, too, but damn close.

What’s yours?  Your we-could-do-that-again sort of day?  Or – which would be sad, really – hasn’t yours happened quite yet?

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