Posted by: Kate | September 30, 2009

Great Accomplishments

OK, “great” may be an understatement, but when remaining awake for four consecutive hours has become a noteworthy event, getting any of the extra tasks done around the house begins to take on the feel of an enormous undertaking.

Today’s was to finally – finally – make the final curtain for the living room, and sheers for the dining room.  I consider myself done, window-wise, for this house, and plan to blithely ignore the curtains for the rest of our time here.

I also got started on my first for-my-own-baby baby blanket.  I’ve got a big head start on it already, because when I went to Paris in 2007, I bought yarn with the plans of making a sweater patterned after the mosaic floors in the Opera House.  A lovely idea, but about eight inches in I realized that (1) it was far, far too big, and (2) even if it was in the right size, it was far too intensely patterned and nothing like anything I would ever actually, you know, wear in public.  Gorgeous, perhaps, but so are chandeliers and I am able to resist the temptation to wear them.

So I told myself that once I felt truly, fully confident that this pregnancy was viable and likely to have a happy ending, I would steek (to the non-knitters in the room, that’s, “sew tightly and then cut the fabric and hope like hell it doesn’t all unravel”) the sweater-to-be and convert it into a baby blanket, by using the mosaic strip as a center stripe and adding plain striped edges until the size seems right.  Perhaps some fringe, too, depending on how it looks and how much yarn I have left.

And yesterday’s ultrasound/heartbeat combination served as confidence-builders for me, sufficiently so that, today, I sewed the knitted fabric, and will take scissors to it later this evening.  Always a scary endeavor, but I’ve survived it before, and it’s for a good cause.

Nothing splashy, nothing anyone else would likely notice, but I feel productive today.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to stay awake between breakfast and lunch…  that would be a real accomplishment.


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