Posted by: Kate | September 26, 2009


As if the trip to New York wasn’t quite exhausting enough, Jacob pointed out that he had not one, but two very loose teeth upon arriving home yesterday afternoon.  These were his very first loose teeth ever, and I don’t think they were wobbly before I left for New York, but they were certainly that way by my return.  Loose enough that I called Willem to stop by a bank while he was out, because around here, the Tooth Fairy leaves dollar coins instead of “spendable” cash.  Emily finds this distinctly less cool than she used to, now that she has a grasp of what money can buy.  Still, there’s no negotiating with the Tooth Fairy, and we discovered this morning that while Emily gets Sacagawea dollars, Jacob gets the new silver Presidential dollars… equally unspendable, in their eyes, but at least different enough to be marginally exciting to them both.

Those teeth got looser and looser through the evening – and Jacob, because a guy whose favorite thing in the world is not sudden change, got more and more anxious about the process of removal.  I promised him I wouldn’t do anything to help the process along, mostly because one of the clearest and most upsetting memories of my childhood is the tooth-tied-to-the-doorknob experience.  It worked just as planned, with a good solid slam and a missing tooth as the result, but it scared and upset me to the point that I didn’t tell my parents when the next several teeth were loose, instead worrying them free in my room and handing them over afterward.

So, instead, at 9:00 at night, long after every cell in my body had given up on the screaming for sleep and were simply firing at random, I was perched on the edge of my bed, with Jacob sitting on his father’s dresser, staring at the big mirror and drooling like a St. Bernard.  He would pester one tooth, then the other – the two front, bottom ones – stop and chew on ice chips for a while, and then repeat the process.  The first tooth popped out around 9:10,  the second at 9:20, and all three of us – Willem having been out with classmates for the evening – were unconscious by 10:00.

He is just as cute as you would expect a gap-toothed, fuzzy-headed, earnest five-year-old boy to be, and while it breaks my heart a little whenever they cross some new developmental milestone, I also have to grin every time he smiles.



  1. I can’t believe you actually did the string and door knob thing! I thought that was an old wive’s tale! Don’t forget the tooth fairy. She was very remiss at our house and often forgot!

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