Posted by: Kate | September 23, 2009

An Empty Asylum

I think I’m going to give up on the Madhouse for a while.  I’ve found it too hard to come up with something to write about recently, and the topics are of my own choosing.  I might start it up again sometime, but, for now, it’s just not happening.  This blog isn’t what it was a year or so ago – the depression I went through created a number of unpalatable, unpleasant or just blah sorts of posts, and I haven’t had the motivation to try and build up readership again.  Maybe someday.  Thanks very much to those who played along… it was always fun to read other people’s perspectives on the same word or phrase.


  1. I’ll miss it- but totally understand– I think my blog always got actual hits on Madhouse days. The other days it’s the same five people.

  2. I’ll miss it…But, as someone who wasn’t/isn’t great about playing along, I completely understand.

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