Posted by: Kate | September 23, 2009

All Talk

I’ve been known, a time or two, to joke about how I’m about ready to set my kids on the curb with a big “FREE” sign, or to find the nearest stranger and/or pedophile to take them off my hands.  But, it turns out, I was all talk.  When it comes down to the sticking point, I just can’t put my own entertainment ahead of their safety and education… even when I really, really want to.

I was supposed to head to New York City tomorrow morning, with two of my closest friends, for an overnight trip that was to include a taping of The Daily Show.  I was excited because it was going to tick off one of my 100 Things items, but  more so, I was just looking forward to the uninterrupted time with Carolyn and Jenny.  Between us, we have seven and a half children, and our monthly child-free lunch dates have sometimes been the difference between frustration and outright felony.  So an overnight trip, just the three of us, was like nirvana.

The plan was to meet at Carolyn’s Thursday morning, and travel down to her sister’s house outside the city, where we would change and then catch a train in for the show and dinner.  Then sleep at her sister’s, and home in time to get the kids off the bus in the afternoon.  My dad was going to come here on Thursday, to grab the kids off the bus and hang out with them until Willem got home, and likely tag along to their school’s Open House night.

As far as plans go, it was damn near perfect.

Then, around 2:00 this afternoon, my father called to say that he’d gotten a job offer, starting immediately.  It’s a temp job for now, but has the potential to develop into a full-time position, and for someone who has been out of work for almost a year, it’s an offer he just can’t refuse.  So I’m trying hard to be happy for him, while also indulging in a fabulous internal temper tantrum.  “But I wanna go play with my friends… it’s not fair!”

I’ve called everyone I know within an hour’s drive who has at least a passing familiarity with my kids, and everyone is busy.  Which makes sense, because I’m giving less than 24 hours’ notice for a mid-afternoon on a school night.

And it’s not the end of the world, because the tickets were free and there will be other tapings.  If Jenny was able to get tickets once, she can do it again, and next time I’ll have triple backup lined up for child care.

In the meantime, I’ll be sitting over here, pouting.



  1. Oh, man. If only this were every other Thursday! I could’ve totally helped out. ARGH.

  2. Oh, no…that totally sucks 😦

    Good for your father though.

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