Posted by: Kate | September 23, 2009

A Last-Minute Reprieve

Not unlike an official pardon – except, I’m not on death row and the consequences would have been a night at home instead of, you know, electrocution or something equally unpleasant – I’ve been granted a last-minute reprieve. Jenny’s husband has graciously offered to come up, fish my kids off the school bus and entertain them for a few hours, then deliver them to Willem and go home – all the while, paying someone else to watch his kids, because they’ll still be in school for part of the time that he’ll be here.

People are just so awesome, sometimes.

A part of me has a knee-jerk need to say, “Oh, no, there’s no reason to do that, it’s too much, we’ll just reschedule…” but a bigger part – egged on by the subtle jabs from my husband -knows to shut up, accept a gift when it’s offered, and be grateful.

So now, instead of pouting the rest of the evening away, I have to go figure out what to wear…


  1. Whoo-hoo! Yey for generous husbands! Have a great time…

  2. OK, I totally should have read the top post first. YAY!

  3. Enjoy! Last minute reprieves are great and congrats to Dad on getting a job, not easy for us older folks. Two more hours and I start my weekend . .have a good one.

  4. So??? How was it??

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