Posted by: Kate | September 5, 2009

Sleep Update

We take the small victories, right?

Last night, I told Jacob before bed that, because Thursday night had been so difficult, he wasn’t allowed to come in and snuggle.  That if he felt scared or sick, he should come get me, but we wouldn’t stay in my room; I would go back with him and rub his back in his room.  And if he made it through the entire night without a problem, then he could come in the next night, Saturday, and stay as long as he wanted.

And he made it.

Such a relief,  and the night was chosen well, because last night I was knocked flat by a migraine and was generally operating at about 50% power.  I very rarely get headaches when pregnant – maybe once a month or less, compared to 2-3 times a week when unpregnant – which is just as well since my arsenal of medications is severely limited.

He’s still asleep now, at 7:30, and I’m just proud of him.  He’s so smart and self-aware, and at bedtime last night he told me, “The last time I went into your room to snuggle, I wasn’t even scared.  I just went in when I woke up, and I didn’t even expect to go there and then I woke up in your bed and I thought, hey, how did I get here?

I appreciate the comments from yesterday, and I’m sure that some of his nocturnal wanderings are in response to the various events of the summer: my seizure, the move, the news of the pregnancy.  But the habit had started before any of that rolled along, so I think those things were more reinforcers than independent triggers.  And he did see me have a seizure, but he also saw me recover and has never brought it up on his own, the way he does when things are nagging at him; he does know about the baby, but I think it helps that he’s 5 and doesn’t seem to revel in his “youngest” status.  So, we’re keeping an eye out, and watching to see what seems to trigger harder nights… we’ll see.

And in the meantime, we all got uninterrupted sleep last night, and tonight I have a date with a short, fuzzy-headed guy.  It’s not a bad plan.



  1. I’m glad last night went well. We’re having all sorts of sleep issues here. Between Elizabeth and Campbell, I’m up multiple times between 4:30 and 6:30, and it’s wearing me out!

  2. It does sound like something that was a habit, as you said. He certainly seems aware that he wasn’t really awake when he did it. His body was probably set to, “Wake up a little, go in mom’s bed,” without much actual thought.

    Congrats to him for changing it and congrats to you for getting some sleep.

  3. How was Willem’s presentation? Could the migraine be brought on by lack of sleep with a high stress moment? Sleep issues do trigger my headaches! Big hugs to you all!

  4. My son got into this habit but because I sleep alone I didn’t mind it for quite a long time and actually didn’t even feel him getting into my bed most times but then the time came for tough love. It was hard but he just got shoved back into his own bed in a semi-conscious state and learned that I needed privacy. If he’s half asleep, just march him back . .

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