Posted by: Kate | August 29, 2009

Confession Time

OK, those of you who have survived or up-close witnessed pregnancy, wrack your brains and come up with something that will help me feel a little less embarrassed.

Before yesterday, my most humiliating pregnancy moment came back in 2004, when I had the opportunity to precisely gauge the size of a Home Depot shopping basket.

Now, I’ve got a new event in the running… because, over the course of about two hours in the afternoon (this is an important distinction for me, because it’s the difference between out-of-control snacking and single-sitting bingeing) I ate an entire jar of baby dill pickles.

Straight out of the jar.

I’m not proud of this fact.  I know it’s partly because, for some reason, sour foods help with the nausea, and I have a daily and intensive case of morning sickness this time around.  Pickles, lemon, Ice Breakers gum… one might think bland foods would be the answer, but not for me, so far.

But it’s mostly just because I stopped paying attention, was just reading and getting some stuff organized and enjoying the silence because we had L’s baby for the night and she naps like a professional, and somehow, over time… the jar emptied itself.

Awesome.  If the baby comes out with a slight green tinge, you’ll know why.


  1. oooh, a salty treat!
    But the real question… did you drink the pickle juice afterwards?
    No good food stories here, yet. I’m sure something will come up (so to speak)- I can say, which you likely already knew, not to drink cranberry juice or coke before you vomit- both are pretty scary coming back out….

  2. So funny, I did the exact same thing at the beginning of this pregnancy too. Somehow the baby dills taste so very much better than the regular ones.

  3. Oh and BTW I’ve done the same thing (on more than one occasion) with olives, I started buying the super jumbo jar because the smaller ones would last me ooohh about 30 seconds.

  4. lol! I did the same with a watermelon. I couldn’t believe afterwards that I’d eaten the entire thing… I proceeded to repeat that feat several times over the past 7 months. Buy more pickles!

  5. Oh, please. This is soooo minor league. Unless it’s one of those huge jars they sell at the warehouse clubs… And then all you really have to worry about is keeping loved ones at least 50 yards away from the bathroom after these pickles digest.

    Your other story is much more embarrassing. And somehow I didn’t remember it, so thanks for the visual.

  6. I went through guacamole like a mad woman when I was pregnant…I actually preferred spicy food with my morning sickness. I had so much salsa and guacamole with chips that we would joke that our kids would come out looking Latino/a. 😀
    Shoot pickles have no calories either so It is a guilt free snack anyways, ENJOY!!!!!! It is much better than the women who eat gallons of ice cream a week.

  7. Don’t worry, when I was pregnant with my son I CRAVED Chocolate evening I downed an entire half gallon of it. (I will also casually mention that I gained 80lbs with him…started at 120, and delivery day at 37 weeks I was 204.) I am happy to report that 2.5 years after giving birth I am back down to 145. I was all the way down, but prednisone ruined that for me! Eat and be merry!!! Oh, and let me know when I get to say I TOLD YOU SO!!!! I did tell you, didnt I ?

  8. I don’t remember anything particularly embarrassing when I was pg, but I do remember a pg friend farting loudly – right in the middle of a small-group prayer at church!!! We all started chuckling, and her husband salvaged a shred of her dignity by remarking, “Ah, the joys of pregnancy …” 🙂

    If eating a jar of pickles is the worst thing that happens this pregnancy, I’d say you’re doing just fine!!

  9. The good news is that pickles have like 2 calories each. The bad news is your digestive system might have you paying for that little circus trick by now…

  10. To add, I think my most embarrassing pregnancy moment was the night my two best friends and I went to a restaurant with live jazz music for dinner in NYC, as a last hurrah before at least one of us was burdened with children. I was six or seven months pregnant with Alena so already pretty big. At the end of the meal I stood up from the table, completely forgetting the front load, and while I didn’t knock the table completely over, I tipped it enough to spill all the drinks still on it, and dump at least one thing on the floor. So awesome.

  11. At least it was pickles, which have plenty of vitamins in them. I did the same thing (several times) with the ultra sour Jolly Ranchers. I kept them in my desk drawer at work to help with nausea and several days I hit closing time only to notice that I’d eaten the entire bag. Nothing in those is redeeming and it’s probably a miracle I didn’t give birth to a candy colored infant…

  12. My most embarrasing moment came when I was about 7 months pregnant with my son and slept through the night for once and when I woke up boy did I have to pee and pee I did….all the way to the bathroom. I haven’t peed the bed since I was like 5 and there I was. I cried the entire day. Now, after two kids, I pee when I sneeze, when I laugh, when I don’t pay attention until the old bladder is just a little too full and the bathroom a little too far away.
    My cravings with my son, well the main one was always a late night one. Cherry slurpies. I don’t drink those on a normal basis but I did then, at least once a week and God help the poor cashiers at the gas stations when they had a flavor other then Cherry. I would start to cry and raise my voice and then my hubby would have to drive me to the next stop.

  13. You read about pregnancy and dill pickles, but… wow. The entire jar. That’s pretty darn amazing!
    I think this one is going to demand lemon cake and key lime pie and lemon sorbet for every single birthday.

  14. Did I not ask you, when you posted about the ice cream sundae, “what about the pickles”? Is this my fault?

    It could be worse…with me, it was kim chee and Fudgsicles…

  15. Hmmm…they say you crave salty/sour when you’re having a boy. Interesting.

    My SIL ate an entire pan of brownies when pregnant and, for what it’s worth, I craved doritos when pregnant w/my son, but not pickles.

  16. Obviously, because I haven’t been reading blogs (but have been playing Vampire Wars on FB) I totally missed the announcement. And – I am so happy for you.


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