Posted by: Kate | August 28, 2009

814 Photos

Between this, that, and the other thing, I have become woefully lazy about keeping my photos organized and uploaded. Usually I’m pretty good about it; at least once a week, I’ll toss everything from the camera onto my computer, immediately go through and delete about half of them because I take far too many photos at a time (I blame this on my college job, as a news services photographer – and now, having digital and not needing to pay for prints, the habit has only gotten worse) and name and file away the rest.

Then stuff got in the way, and as we were moving I suddenly realized that the last time I did so was in…


Oh, dear.

This knowledge was enough to scare me away from the task for another month or so. And with the new computer, I’ve been able to avoid it further because I hadn’t reinstalled Photoshop yet.

But the other day, it was time to take the plunge. I didn’t have any typing work, and the kids are behaving themselves beyond beautifully (there are few sounds more gorgeous than that of your children cooperating nicely while they unpack boxes), and I just can’t procrastinate this any more.

So I installed the program, and despite warnings that what I have is not compatible with Vista, it’s running fine so far. It took several hours… because there were 814 unedited photos sitting here on my computer. And I know there are another 200-odd sitting on my camera, from the past month, which I just can’t attack right now.  After lunch, perhaps.

Here’s hoping I can stay more on top of it after today.  And I do have some new favorites…


Gretchen and I combined forces to create a fairy princess outfit for L’s daughter, and she immediately turned Willem into a frog. And we all know, there’s only one way to return a frog back to his prince form…

During our Mother’s Day/convertible adventures… getting the three of us to smile and look at the camera, at the same time, is no small feat.

Can you remember the last time something was just completely, whole-body hilarious like this?

…and the agony of defeat (following Emily’s last, playoff-elimination softball game)

I really just don’t possess the self-control, when three of my loved ones are sitting in a row, to not ask them to do the see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil thing.

I can see teenagers inside these children. Slow it down…

My dad and his girls, on Mary’s graduation… he forgot his camera, but chances are a print or two will find their way to him.

It’s rare for me to even appear in so many photos, much less to like how I look in them. Some kind of magic, I suppose.

In case you were wondering… my sister is cooler than your sister. It just happens, sometimes.



  1. Shoot I can’t wait to see what you find int he next group, those are terrific! I am never in pictures, always the one holding the camera here. Lots for beautiful memories to cherish!

  2. Love them! They’re beautiful!

  3. Just as a precaution, next time Em makes the peace sign in a photo, be sure she turns it palm forward. In the UK, making that sign with the back of the hand forward is considered vulgar – kinda like flipping the bird.

    This has been your useless information tidbit of the day…

  4. Those were great! I cant wait for baby bump pictures!!!!

  5. They’re great! And I think you’re right about the teenagers inside! Happens so quick.

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