Posted by: Kate | August 18, 2009

On the Road Again

…because we all needed that song stuck in our collective heads.

I met with my neurologist this morning.  All of my myriad of tests have come back normal – and it is officially impossible not to make “Heh, heh, that may be the only time my head ever gets called normal again” jokes in such moments, even when we know it’s not funny –  and so I’m being released back to my own care, with instructions to give him a call if “anything weird happens.”

The consensus is that the Fourth of July Seizure was due to a combination of Zoloft, Ultram, dehydration and sleep deprivation.   I’m to continue off the meds – an even easier decision now, what with all this pregnancy nonsense – drink more water and get more rest.  Again, easier now because once I become a vessel for another human being, I care for myself a bit more.  And so I get my driving privileges back, and I can – for now, at least – add myself to the group of people who say they’ve had one seizure, ever.

So,  it was what is being referred to as a “provoked seizure,” and now the challenge is not to provoke another one.  I’ll do my best.



  1. Hooray! and I love the idea of a “provoked” anything. Makes it sound like an imp shot up and got in the way. 🙂

  2. Yay for driving!

    Did you see that news report about people getting relief from lifelong migraines when they had botox in their foreheads, or forehead plastic surgery.

    The nerves that were trapped in the forehead muscles (thus squeezed and pain-radiating) get blocked or released by the botox/lift. Over 1/3 of severe migraine sufferers had them no more–at all!

    Just a thought, when you’re not on migraine meds.

  3. Yeah! I would appreciate that you don’t provoke any more seizures. 😉 I’m sure you family feels the same way. {{{Belly Rubs}}}

  4. Hooray for normal!!

  5. Dude! Zoloft AND Ultram? since the night I mixed those I can’t ever take Ultram again. It was SCARY. I was in uni and somehow drove myself to the health center… yes I know not my brightest hour.

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