Posted by: Kate | August 7, 2009

Twit, Tweet, Tw… well.

I’ve been signed up for Twitter for quite a while, but never used it much.  Somehow its addictive qualities have eluded me; I just don’t understand its intensity of appeal.  I have the blog for the long-winded stuff, and Facebook for the quick updates – with the added bonus of links and photos – so what niche does Twitter fill that the others don’t?

I’m actually asking here, friends, not just musing.  Please, tell me what’s amazing about Twitter.  Last year, you all presented a cogent and logical case for the use of Facebook, and I caved, and have been reasonably happy and entertained by it.  So now it’s Twitter’s turn.

Do you tweet?  If so, why, and if not, why not?

And are you able to use the verb “tweet” in self-reference without feeling a little bit goofy?


  1. I’ve always been a more…succinct writer. I think that’s part of what makes blogging difficult for me – being able to write whole essays on the topic at hand.

    For me, Twitter is great because it lets me get out all the one-liners in my brain. And because I can do it from my cell phone, I don’t have to try and remember it until I get home to the laptop.

    And I rarely use the verb “to tweet”. I usually say, “I posted on Twitter”.

  2. I could have written this post, which isn’t surprising considering how often we share a brain. The only difference is that I’m fabulously happy with Facebook.


    I need the brain back by 6. I’m cooking dinner for my ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend of SIXTEEN YEARS. Dodged a bullet on that one, eh?

  3. First things first, I tweet, and I feel goofy saying so.

    I to use other social media (blogs, facebook, etc.) and didn’t see the appeal when I first signed up for Twitter.

    However, after I forced myself to get engaged in the site, I discovered that it is a great source to follow experts and get articles/opinions etc from people who you don’t personally know, but may respect their opinions.

    To me, this may be the only need it fills that Facebook etc. don’t.

  4. I have a Twitter account as well – have had it for a long time now actually. And honestly, I barely use it. So sorry, I don’t see the appeal.

  5. I just recently got into the Twitter craze. I’m a compulsive procrastinator, so one thing I like is that I can constantly get new things to read. My regular websitesand knittyboard don’t always post enough for my liking.

    Second, by following the trending topics I’ve learned things. I heard about the supreme court justice, clinton returning the reporters, paula leaving idol, and john hughes dying all by checking the trending topics. You can hear about things immediately (in the case of paula since she announced it herself on twitter) or other things you might not typically be interested in.

    Third, by following celebrities/shows/”normal” people you like, you get a little inside glimpse into what’s going on, that makes it feel like you know a person better than what you see on the surface.

    That’s why I’ve been addicted lately – and I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks!

  6. The appeal is similar to fb, I think, except that– there are different people on twitter than fb; you can follow people you don’t know; and you don’t have to follow (or friend) everybody who follows you. And I guess it’s not really about connecting to people you know/knew the way fb is.

    I think the latest facebook features make it more like twitter, except for the being able to follow anybody thing. You can also sync your twitter & fb accounts, so your status updates show up in both places at once.

  7. Yes, I tweet. Unfortunately, it hasn’t worked for me since they were hacked on Thurs morning 😦 I’m realizing how very addicted I was.

    I miss my tweeple.

  8. I don’t do twitter at all … I’m just like you in that I simply don’t see the appeal. (I was also the last in my circle of friends to join Facebook – notice a trend?) I don’t really know what tweets are – I assume they’re much like the status updates on FB … little one-liners letting people know what you’re doing? I’ve never said this out loud for fear of offending the millions who do it and love it, but Twitter sort of seems to me like the height of egocentrism. I don’t believe people need or want to know my every move and thought. (More apologies to those of you who do it and love it … I may be totally wrong about the Twitter concept.) Just my $.02.

  9. I personally like FB better. I just don’t get the whole Twitter craze. So I’m on both, but I def utilize FB way more.

  10. I also, don’t understand the appeal of Twitter, but have fully embraced FB. I do check it (Twitter) out, every so often, but still don’t get it…

    As an aside, I had a pet chicken when I was growing up named – Twitter. Still think of her every time people talk about it! 😛

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