Posted by: Kate | August 1, 2009

Can We Stop Now?

We’re maybe 30% moved in to the new apartment.

By which I mean, about a third of our stuff has been schlepped down – we’re running out of small stuff (i.e., that which would fit in the minivan) and most of it has been pulled from its boxes and stowed away, with the exception of the stuff we plan on putting in storage. We have a second floor apartment, with sole access to the attic, which takes up the entire third floor of the house. Willem and my dad are planning on laying 20 or so sheets of plywood up there tomorrow,and we’ll be able to squirrel away the books we don’t think we’ll read over the next few years but cannot bear to let go, the Christmas decorations, the hand-me-down clothes waiting for Emily to grow a bit more, and so on.

(Which?  The books?  We have, sitting here in the apartment now, 14 boxes of personal use books.  Fourteen.  This does not include textbooks, reference books, and so on.  This is just the mix of fiction and nonfiction that we’ve picked up for fun.  We tell ourselves that the plan is to hang onto them until we have the B&B, and then provide guests with a robust set of titles to browse or read, but the hard truth is, we have a mutual addiction and we haven’t begun to approach rock bottom yet.  The only reason there aren’t 34 boxes is because the past year has been financially miserable and we couldn’t justify the choice of books over food.  At least, not often.)

So what’s left in New Hampshire is the big stuff, and that small stuff which the kids and I haven’t needed – or even thought of – since we’ve moved in.  Willem has been down at least every other day, and brings a load of stuff each time, but I’m reaching a point where I’d rather just stop.  If I haven’t been able to independently remember the existence of, much less need, some item or other, then do we really need to bring it down here?  We already have a lot of stuff.  It just seems like that should be enough.  (The sad thing, too, is that we’ve already donated, sold or thrown out probably 25% of the stuff we started with.)

But, no, we’ll bring the rest down, and after a while I’ll go blind to it all and forget just how much there is.

Until we move again, and I’ll repeat the process of, “Holy crap, how did we accumulate so much?”


  1. We are moving bedrooms again, from downstairs to upstairs and the drawback is the number of books I need to move. Our current bedroom has one full wall of bookshelves (and it’s a BIG wall). So with them only half packed, I have seven boxes (and these are just mine.). And I’m not packing and moving the books from the six other bookshelves in the house. Perhaps there’s a 12-step group we can join?

  2. I hate moving…

  3. Moving is the pits…until you get it all finished and then you can sit back and enjoy. You should have seen the MOUND of junk we threw out when we moved from our 1st house to our 2nd – this house is twice as large as the first one and it’s already packed. Ugh!

  4. We moved after 32 years in the same house. My husband decided that it was too much trouble to pack books in boxes. (Actually, he decided it was too much trouble to pack anything but that’s another story.) So he tied the books in bundles. Good thing we only moved four blocks since, as I predicted, the movers refused to take them and he had to borrow a pick-up truck and make three trips to drive them over. If the move didn’t lead to a divorce I guess nothing will. I plan to die in this house and make my kids deal with it all.

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