Posted by: Kate | July 31, 2009

Little Bursts of Awesome

Hey, look, I’m back online.

Some of you might not have noticed – after all, it was only a day or so – and I daresay some of you were basking in my absence.  But regardless of the general consensus, trust me: I was feeling the deprivation.  The kids and I moved into the new apartment, with somewhere in between the bare essentials and the typical overload o’ stuff, on Wednesday evening, and the cable guy came at 12:56 p.m. today (only noted because the window of arrival was 11:00-1:00, and our doorbell isn’t working so I had to stick close to the front windows to hear him arrive… two hours is a long time to be nervous about going to the bathroom just in case I miss the knock.).

So, we’re back online.  And there was much rejoicing.

The moving-in process is going OK, and I thought I’d toss out a couple of hoorahs for some things that have tickled my fancy over the past few days…

Like, these Soft Scrub Scrubby Pads.  I’m no neat freak, and I’m not a fan of cute diminutives, but these things are truly wondrous little things so I’ll forgive the use of the word “scrubby” by people presumably over the age of 8.  We decided to keep our same kitchen table and chairs, despite their accumulation of a decade’s worth of chocolate milk spills and various other known and unknown substances.  It was transported to the apartment, with legs removed, because I had typing work to do and somehow the combination of a camp chair and TV tray seemed ominous in terms of potential back pain.  Once we arrived here, I started writing out a list of things to purchase, and one of the entries was “Something to clean the table.”  I had no idea what might work, but Target’s Cleaning Supplies aisle had these pupies stowed away on a bottom shelf.  I’d used the Mr.Clean Magic Erasers before, and those do OK, but I’m not crazy about their texture, their disappearing act unnerves me, and they seem more suited for spot cleaning.  The kitchen table was far more than a spot’s worth of scrubbing.

So, these came home with me, and lo and behold, they are beyond wondrous.  With very little effort, the legs of the table look white again.  And I misread the package; I thought I was purchasing two Scrubby Pads for $2.99, which seemed fair, but there are actually 12 in a package.  That would be better.

Another moment of retail awesomeness came in the form of a nightlight – which, in Target, are shelved in the Automotive section, you know, because of all of the outlets in cars.  Not to mention all of the nighttime walking about people do in their vehicles.  I bought the First Alert Nightlight/Flashlight/whatever-it’s-called… I’d link to it, but apparently it exists nowhere on the whole entire Internet.  It’s sort of like this, except it looks different and is from a differnt brand… but you get the idea: a photosensistive nightlight which also acts as a flashlight.  Good for power outages, blah blah, plus is a semipermanent plugged-in feature of the wall to which the kids will quickly go blind, which means it will be the only flashlight in the house that the kids won’t “borrow” and promptly lose.

Third, we have the new vacuum cleaner, purchased because one of my strongest strokes of parenting genius was to go out and buy a vacuum that specifically Belonged to Jacob.  That was his vacuum, and he was in charge of it; he could vacuum whatever he wanted, and the rest of us had to ask his permission before using it.  Suddenly small messes magically cleaned themselves… it was good stuff.  That vacuum still exists, and worked, but it’s on its last legs and was 70 miles away, so we invested in a new one.  And this one, a(n?) Eureka Easy Clean 2-in-1, also has a handle and works as a regular floor vacuum when it wants to, so it’s significantly cooler than the two separate vacuums we had in New Hampshire.  Jacob has graciously agreed to share it with the rest of the family, but we recognize that it’s still primarily his… and let me tell you, you moms out there: there are few sounds more beautiful than a mess being cleaned up, independently and unsolicited, just because the kid is so proud of his machine.

My fourth – and final, for now – plug is even harder to find online than the night light… it’s Jenny, whose awesomeness just keeps compounding on itself.  She and her kids showed up on Thursday, with an enormous fruit-disguised-as-flowers extrvaganza, and then chauffeured us to Target and the grocery store, so that we could buy one of everything in the store and bring it home.  Then she helped unload and set up our purchases, helped scrub several pounds of yick off the table, and joined us for a picnic dinner of delivered pizza on the floor (because we have the table, but no chairs).  Throughout, she was cheerful and funny and just generally showering an abundance of fabulosity around the premises.  I don’t know where you might be able to get your own Jenny, but I do hope, for your sake, that you’re able to someday.



  1. Hooray for the awesome! I am totally getting one of my kids a vacuum now. But which one…? Hmmm.

  2. Glad you’re in and well almost settled. Nothing wrong with Pizza on the floor! Clare and I occasionally do ‘seafood’ picnics on the floor, less mess that way!

  3. Pssst…. The flashlight/nighlight/thingy? Yeah that thing, we have one, somewhere in the house, not sure where though because my darling kindergartner (as of next week) has unplugged it again, using it as a flashlight. I wont tell Jacob, though. 😉

  4. Aack, I totally forgot that you were moving this week! (I did, however, note to myself that I hadn’t read or written a Madhouse entry this week …) Glad it’s all gone so smoothly so far, and three cheers for Jenny! Is she for rent?

  5. mazel tov! when I get back, I’ll come by with some bread and salt, which is what you need for a new home!

  6. We have one of those nightlight/flashlight things too, and it is indeed awesome.

    The kids also have a hand vac that they share and delight in using. I just don’t like fishing Barbie shoes out of it.

    Congrats on moving, and good luck on the 752 things you still have left to do…

  7. I just read the bit about Jacob’s vacuum out loud to Mike, and he said, “I cannot WAIT for the day we can trick our children into doing chores for us!”

    …ah, parenthood. Glad to hear the move was relatively uneventful.

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