Posted by: Kate | July 27, 2009

On Your Marks, Get Set, Guess!

Confirmation has arrived, and oh, my, yes, am I excited! Happy-dance-quality excitement. Goofy-grin-level, warm-kamic-glow, vaguely-blissed-out-eyes type of anticipation.

It’s good stuff.

So, guess. Really. Guess what the good news is – remember that I already said I’m not pregnant – and whoever gets it right gets a handknit something-or-other of their choosing. I was going to restrict it to whoever got it right first, but what the hell. If 20 people get it right, that means headbands or dishcloths for all, but still, it’s free stuff, right? Free, handmade stuff.

I’ll share the details tomorrow, but I really do enjoy the giveaways, and I’m done with two of the three things that people won from my birthday giveaway already (the third’s going to take longer, mostly because I’m still waiting on the specifics of the request).

So… what do you think? Why am I all squeally and sparkly? There have been hints, in the prior post here and on Facebook, if you know what to look for…



  1. You got a job???

    (Can I have more than one guess?- If so, my second guess would be that you’ve already got an offer on your house, but I would really be shocked about that)

  2. You got a job.w

  3. You are going to be published….or will have a job as a writer….I am so happy that you are so happy Kate!

  4. You found a fabulous new job to compliment your lovely new apartment?

  5. I smell Johnson’s and Johnson’s baby powder!

  6. and on more careful reading…damn. Not pregnant, but maybe an adopted baby on the way?

  7. OK, another hint, and you’re welcome to go ahead and guess again… it’s not a job. In fact, it’ll likely end up with me spending more money than I really should… but I won’t regret a penny of it, I promise.

  8. Well, now I’m stumped.

    Maybe it’s that you’ve found the perfect site for a B&B and you’ve put in an offer that’s been accepted?

  9. ?you’ve been accepted into a program to complete your advanced degree?

  10. I’m going with either finding a B&B site or finding a site for a yarn/knitting store OR you’re going to have some of your knitting patterns/blog entries published.

    Whatever it is, I’m thrilled to pieces for you!

  11. My third (?) guess…

    a mortgage (or some other money amount) has gone through for a B&B

  12. Um, accepted into a program to get certified?

  13. I’m guessing that you are going back to France (tres’ cool!). If so, please leave room in your suitcase from me. 🙂

    If it’s not that, then you’ve gotten a job.

    That’s two guesses. Sue me.

  14. You got an opportunity to finish your Ph.D.

  15. You found a B&B with a little detached space for private practice.

    That or you found a little ranch within driving distance where you can farm organic veggies and raise sheepies.

  16. Book deal.

  17. You got a patent for a knitting pattern?

  18. We do have a winner… I just won’t tell who, yet.

    Neener, neener, neeeeeennnnneeerrrrrrrr…

  19. 1.A book deal with your knitting patterns that I can buy and become aggrevated that I can’t do them. Which in turn would mean that you would have to take your money earned from said book deal and move to middle Georgia to get me beyond the endless shawls and blankets that I have been doing. 🙂

    2. Got accepted to do what ever it is that needs to be done to finish your phd program, so that you can listen to your clients and write up more cool knitting patterns that one day you will publish as Dr. Kate’s knitting patterns for meditation. That you will have to move to Middle Georgia just to teach me how to make. 😉

    3. B&B prospect, offer accpeted, mortgage approved, they just need you to wait to take complete ownership until W’s Doc program is done. While you are waiting for you will spend the time knitting up the new items that you will place in neat places in said B&B, that people will want to buy from you, which in turn will lead to a knitting pattern book, that in turn will lead to you subletting a room at said B&B to me so that you can teach me the patterns so that I don’t become one of your patients.

    4. you have decided to move to middle georgia instead of the North Shore, so that you can live close to ME! Yeah I like that idea the best. 🙂 W can work at one of the ultra cool engineering schools here, and you can open a B&B here, just because I don’t think anyone in this area of the south even knows what a B&B is or if they think they do, they think it has something to do with kinky sex games. Not that there is anything anyone would pay any kind of money to visit here to see really. 😉 But your knitting shop would get a TON of business just from me! See its really all about ME! 🙂

    Love Ya Kate!

  20. You got the go-ahead on B&B preparations, including room for a knitting shop on the premises?

  21. And see if wordnerds liking lsu means anything at all you moving to middle ga means you would be closer to them too. so HA. 🙂

  22. I’m guessing the B&B and mortgage option. Not because most people are guessing that, but because that is what I would hope most for you if it _had_ to involve spending money.

  23. Okay….and a FYI I did not read any of the comments but my guess is a B&B site….gheesh I hope I’m right cause I love, love, love the scarf I got already 🙂 And I totally didn’t see any stipulation that said previos winners cannot be winners again 😉

  24. You’re going to finish that PhD finally — and you got scholarship money to do it!

  25. ooh! ooh! i know! you’re shoving me in a suitcase and taking me somewhere with tasty crepes!

  26. Whatever it is, I’m so, so excited on your behalf. I’m guessing B&B/LYS combo.

  27. Damn, I missed the contest!! Oh well, I wasn’t even in the ballpark. I was guessing something related to publishing – either your own book or maybe more exposure for the blog. But I’m thrilled at the trip to Paris – that’s awesome!!

  28. Ok I’m gonna guess the B&B or your own yarn shop

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